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AWR in-depth analysis (automatic workload repository)

Automatic workload Repository It is an important component introduced by 10 Gb. Stores the detailed information and information about the database activity status in the recent period. The default value is 7 Days The predecessor of AWR

AWR In-depth analysis (Automatic workload Repository) _oracle

Automatic Workload Repositoryis an important component of 10g introductionStorage of the recent period of time the status of the database activity details, information retention default is7DaysThe predecessor of AWR is Statspack, and Statspack is

Kubernetes of the second workload resource arrangement

The Resource configuration Checklist orchestrates docker in the form of Yaml, using the Rtetful interface style, where the main resource objects such asAutonomous pod resource (not controlled by controller)资源的清单格式: 一级字段:apiVersion(group/version),

Summary of ASP. NET Status Management

Due to the stateless nature of the HTTP protocol, in ASP. NET programming, each request is executed from the server to the pipeline process,For ASP. NET pages, the Page object is re-created, and all controls and content are re-generated,Therefore,

Process status and switching (learning notes)

Time: Location: Base -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I. Three basic states of a process The three basic statuses of a process include readiness, execution, and blocking.1. Readiness After the process is

Monitor server performance and status using PHP

Recently, for work reasons, we need to develop a set of server performance monitoring tools, mainly for servers with the same architecture and software configuration. Considering that php is widely used recently, php was immediately used for

A feasibility study report on the management system of student status

China University of Geology (Wuhan)Student Status Management SystemCanYesOfResearchReservedReportedSueWritten by: Folk art, Zhou Kai Sheng, Yang Mingzhu, Xuhang, pay St.March 2016DirectoryI. INTRODUCTION 11.1 Writing purposes 11.2 Background 11.3

Operating System Process status

Operating System Process status Next we will detail several statuses of processes in the operating system.Process status Ready (Ready) Status When a process has been allocated to all necessary resources except the CPU, it can be immediately executed

Go Oracle DB optimizes management performance with SQL

? Use SQL Optimization guidance for:– Identify the SQL statements that use the most resources – optimize the SQL statements that use the most resources? Optimize workloads with SQL access guidance SQL optimization SQL optimization

Query CPU status in Oracle and CPU resources/Linux

Address: Address: Id = 9743Query CPU status in Oracle and CPU resources/Linux 16:19:08 | category:Oracle | label:| Font sizeSubscription--

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