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Photoshop makes digital dot matrix world map effects

The use of Photoshop to make digital bitmap is actually relatively simple, the following is the world map of the digital dot matrix。 Let's look at the specific method together. is the world map made up of digital dots cool? If you are

Scala pattern matching (Patterns Matching)

ObjectiveFirst of all, we want to emphasize one important thing at the outset: Scala's pattern matching occurs but is not limited to the match case statement block, which is one of the key factors that Scala pattern matching is important and useful!

Unity3d Hand Tour Map design of the four types of what kind of suit you?

It is reported/recently, small series of foreign media to see a blog about the design of hand-travel maps, English author Junxue Li (Li Junku) is the game Art outsourcing company Novtilus Art CEO, in his blog, he discussed four different categories

Es6 notes 5 ^_^ set, map, iterator, es6iterator

Es6 notes 5 ^_^ set, map, iterator, es6iteratorI. set1. basic usage The data structure Set is similar to an array, but the Member values are unique without repeated values. Let s = new Set (); [2, 3, 5, 4, 5, 2]. map (x => s. add (x) for (let I of s)

On the design and realization of webgis principle from the bottom (II.): Exploring the essence, Webgis the map scale conversion principle of the front-end map display

On the design and realization of webgis principle from the bottom (II.): Exploring the essence, webgis the map of the front-end map Display scale conversion principle naaovegi ... Article Source: 2453 Updated: 2

(ii) Inquiry into the nature, Webgis front-end Map display Map scale conversion principle

1. What if there is no soy milk machine?Drink soy milk is our basic essential in the morning, fried dough sticks soy milk, enjoyable. If I ask you how soy milk comes, grains people will say is money to buy, know that there is soy beans this will be

Design pattern of OOP in Flash

Design Someone asked me how flash as should be written, I can tell him responsibly how to write, because as and the composition of flash internal mode determines its high degree of liberalization. Theoretically, using the button on event, plus stop (

Several useful jQuery map plug-ins in website development

The jQuery map plug-in mentioned below not only provides a simple way to install a map, if you want to select a map between them to your website, they also have more additional options to provide more and more comprehensive functions. Most of the

Java design Pattern (12) Policy mode __java

Original articles, reproduced please be sure to put the following paragraph at the beginning of the article.This article is forwarded from Jason's Blog, the original link policy mode introduces the

Design pattern question and answer (II.)

What is the interpreter mode? The interpreter pattern allows semantics to be interpreted into a code solution. Let's take a look at the specific meanings below. The syntax is mapped to a class to apply to the solution, for example, 7-2 can be mapped

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