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Perfect World wearable devices: Can they eliminate "home players?

On August 18, September 20, perfect world announced that it would launch the first wearable exclusive interactive peripherals "Zero shoes" for the domestic online gaming industry ". According to official information, the biggest feature of the shoes is that users only need to perform normal walking, social activity, and other sports, and then can convert the row power into numerical values and interconnect

???? Shenbo players with world-class live gaming experience

Shenbo Entertainment website for the vast number of Shenbo players to provide world-class live gaming experience, 24-hour customer service all-day online, gold medal reputation, speed experience. regular online * * * Dragon Tiger Bull 21 point roulette sic bo Sports footBall Game Chess Entertainment game website: www.5

Online games new rules to attack, players also for "Yin and Yang Division" Fee Krypton damage liver?

profit form into the past style. Therefore, for the mainstream game manufacturers, this rule is very late to the norms of the meaning. At the same time, some of the game clamor to reach the level of return to the current marketing stunt, you have to leave the curtain (in fact, to reach that Duan, pay more money).Suddenly thought of years ago, a former game giant toss the game to send Q coins, then this way is also verified to be eggs."Notice" requires that

"Dynamic world view" in online games"

As we all know, the current game has a tendency to favor online games."Online Interaction"As an important part of online games,MMORPGIt is also an important role. I have also played many games.MMORPGOnline games, impressive westward journey, fantasy westward journey, perfect world, legend, miracle,

Online game world Trojan code theft and deception

In the online gaming world, a best piece of equipment doesn't know how much money, effort, and sleep a player has to spend. Therefore, the most worrying thing for players is that their virtual identities are fraudulent and virtual items are stolen in the game world. How can we achieve effective anti-theft? Apart from

Design Ideas of 100,000 online webgame in a single world (III)-map module design ideas

Map module: Maps are displayed and stored in a face-to-face manner in traditional webgame strategies. Map movement is implemented on this plane. However, generally, the design capacity of a flat map has an upper limit. Generally, the number of map users is 400*400, and the maximum number of map users is. In fact, the server can accommodate 3 ~ After people, the whole map will become very crowded. If you want to accommodate millions of online users,

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