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World of Warcraft function 1

After playing the World of Warcraft for such a long time, we should say that his open programming interface, in order to better resist plug-ins, blizzard opened the World of Warcraft API, under the premise of being legal, players can develop plug-ins to facilitate user games (blizzard's idea is too good. With the metho

Analysis of World of Warcraft server trinitycore 1: Preface

server only supports the national server version. It is not difficult to solve this problem. Just release a few patches. Alas, After deploying a runtime environment, I spent more than a week (fortunately, my work was not too busy recently). Fortunately, I ended up in a comedy. When I deployed World of Warcraft private server in school, it was really convenient to use the one-key installation pa

World of Warcraft engineering skills 1-

World of Warcraft engineering skills-Level 1- The first is 20 inferior stones + 10 linen. After 20 explosive powders + 10 bombs, you can learn the bolts.Prepare 80 copper ingots and make them into bolts. The skill level is 60.14 more copper ingots are made into a wrench and 4 copper tubes. Copper regulator.We also need 20 copper ingots + 40 linen + 40 bolts and

World of Warcraft Server incompatible what does that mean? World of Warcraft Server incompatible solution

+alt+delete): Re-open the network client, select offline mode to enter Wait for the check to update finished, you can login game, if not, may try several times If the problem persists, please do not worry, we recommend that you try the following actions: 1. First remove all plug-ins, that is, in the World of Warcraft installat

World of Warcraft classic game ID funny article World of Warcraft funny ID

Some interesting game names! 1. I have seen a game called "selling blood and playing World of Warcraft" I have seen a hunter call "I volunteered." I'm still wondering. He blew a whistle and jumped out and called "I'm forced" 2. easily build Yao Ming) I have also seen a gnome named mm "one-minded man who wants to marry a ox-headed man" (it seems that the size is n

One of the World of Warcraft: preparations, World of Warcraft preparations

One of the World of Warcraft: preparations, World of Warcraft preparationsSource: POJ Note: Total time limit: 1000 ms memory limit: 65536kBDescription The west of World of Warcraft is the headquarters of the red magic army, and th

World of Warcraft 6.0 update half jammed how to do? World of Warcraft 6 update stuck solution

The effect of the update card is as follows Solutions First: We found the computer in the desktop and then right click on the pop-up in the admin-service-secondary Logon service Double-click Open Now we have the "Tools-internet option-connection-LAN setting removed from the Automatic check box" on the Click menu of the open IE browser Enter Wow folder set world of Warcraft launcher to ru

World of Warcraft task classification and game task system design inspiration

There are more than 1500 Warcraft tasks. It is inevitable that there will be some moisture in such multi-task tasks. However, you can also classify these vast tasks such as Xinghai. (Because I practice a tribe, I chose a classic task in the tribe direction) Some people say that there are a lot of warcraft tasks, but basically those tasks that kill monsters and take things account for most of them. What I wa

Open-source world of warcraft reference architecture-mangos

information:MySQL host address: enter your local IP address or "localhost ".Username: RootPassword: the password you configured in step 1.Database (s) input: "realmd; mangos"Click Connect to connect the client to your MySQL database server.Right-click "root @ localhost" in the left column and select "create database ".Enter "mangos" when prompted ".Repeat steps 9 and 10 to create the Database "realmd ". 3. Install the mangos server and configure the

Open Source World of Warcraft

path, and run sqlyog.After sqlyog is running, enter the following information:MySQL host address: enter your local IP address or "localhost ".Username: RootPassword: the password you configured in step 1.Database (s) input: "realmd; mangos"Click Connect to connect the client to your MySQL database server.Right-click "root @ localhost" in the left column and select "create database ".Enter "mangos" when prompted ".Repeat steps 9 and 10 to create the D

NetEase 9-city dark battle upgrade: game World of Warcraft transfer plan

of the city can put us 73 million dollars to buy the server and other hardware equipment to their 22 million dollars to them, and the nine cities all the operations of the World of Warcraft personnel, especially customer service personnel, Transferred to the company at 1 million dollars. "Chen Xiaowei said the practice was unacceptable. NetEase, however, says i

World of Warcraft Trinity, starting from the source

probably should be the best one in the World of Warcraft server simulation at the moment. As a programmer, playing the game is still second, and looking at the code is an interesting thing. The entire process is documented for subsequent inquiries.Now try to start a World of Warc

World of Warcraft super assistant Lua scripting language

currently selected unit ID: Selected unit = getselunit () Returns the ID list of the selected units (multiple) Query currently selected unit ID and handle: Selected unit ID, selected unit handle = getselunitex () Returns the ID and handle list of the selected units (multiple) Query the current operational unit ID and handle: unit ID, unit handle = getcurrentunit () Different from "getting the currently selected unit", this function obtains the one that can be operated in the selected unit (the

World of Warcraft programming Book Reading Notes (10)

the second file, followed by the third file, and so on. Every time an XML file is executed with the 9.2.4 media files Game client plug-ins can also contain custom graphics, sounds, fonts, and so on, to provide you with different audio-visual styles. These files are contained in the plug-in's own folder. The complete path name must be used to indicate the address. 1. Music The World of

World of Warcraft terrain research

with the combination of fog, it does not have the effect of terrain truncation. Next3x3ItemsMaptileDraw them one by one. In eachMaptile, Use the quad-tree to manageMapchunk, EachMapchunkBased on the actual distance between the camera and itself, select the following rendering policy: 1.Long distance. Secondary vertex index, usedNodetailRendering policy. Only set the fog color to the vertex color, regardless of texture sampling and illumination.

World of Warcraft: the Legion again Pro Karazan boss Tactics Introduction detailed

To you World of Warcraft: The Legion again pro game players to detailed analysis to share the Karazan boss strategy. Strategy sharing: 1. Open the task: to the DLR to find Khadgar to open the task, 4 5m is the spirit of the Temple prison Watchmen and Black Raven, do not forget to connect the circumference just incidentally completed, op

Reverse Thinking-World of Warcraft Packet Analysis (2)

10 72 .... "and other network data, with headaches, dizziness, so there is not enough psychological preparation, please do not try it easily. Haha. The basic premise for packet analysis is: you should understand and be familiar with the TCP protocol, and know what the packet "bonding" is. Of course, only a small part of the packets we normally intercept are "bonded" in terms of quantity. However, if you do not understand it, it may mislead and confuse your analysis ideas. For more details abo

Java-based World of Warcraft search engine battle platform

00 0a 00 00 00 01 00 00 01 0000 00 0a 00 00 00 1B 00 00 E0 17Function: "This is the graph I have built. It looks nice ."After receiving the search package, the host returns the package to it, including all useful information.Warcraft Workflow When Warcraft enters the LAN, it broadcasts a search package and sends it only once. Only the current CIDR Block ( is sent, so we can only see this dormitory, or several hosts in a few dormitorie

Flash update for World of Warcraft

1. In the setup end, the plug-in settings -- World of Warcraft settings should be set as follows: Enter the directory where the client World of Warcraft is located (for example, D:/online games/World of

World of Warcraft 6.0 card progress bar 90% no problem solving method

1. We check is not poisoned, if we use anti-virus software to kill the poison to try it, and then restart the computer to see can be resolved no, if we can not find a computer installation of World of Warcraft 6.0 in the installation directory of the WTF folder inside the file, and then we use Notepad to open, the SET Portal "CN"SET Textlocale "ZHCN"S

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