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Analysis of World of Warcraft server trinitycore 1: Preface

) When I went to the trinitycore official website in 2014 this year, I found that in the latest version of trinitycore, the underlying framework of the Project was changed from Ace to boost. I am so touched that I will not study it seriously, sorry, God, haha. But the next step is not very smooth. When I compile its debug version on the Ubuntu of the virtual machine, the worldserver will be suspended once it is run. When GDB debugging is enabled, GDB

World of Warcraft function 1

After playing the World of Warcraft for such a long time, we should say that his open programming interface, in order to better resist plug-ins, blizzard opened the World of Warcraft API, under the premise of being legal, players can develop plug-ins to facilitate user games (blizzard's idea is too good. With the metho

World of Warcraft programming Book Reading Notes (1)

Chapter 2World of Warcraft Programming 1.1Custom User Interface The game client of World of Warcraft consists of two parts: the game world and the user interface. The gaming world is a 3D world. These elements are not accessible a

Can the World of Warcraft: catastrophic events server provide some power? (1)

The World of Warcraft data sheet was officially launched on the server at a.m. on April 9, December 9. players entered the game to witness this historic moment. The launch process of the server data sheet is very convenient. Players only need to update the client a few days ago, and then log on to the game on time at on the 8 th, you can immediately join the ranks of "training the level army after the disas

World of Warcraft engineering skills 1-

World of Warcraft engineering skills-Level 1- The first is 20 inferior stones + 10 linen. After 20 explosive powders + 10 bombs, you can learn the bolts.Prepare 80 copper ingots and make them into bolts. The skill level is 60.14 more copper ingots are made into a wrench and 4 copper tubes. Copper regulator.We also need 20 copper ingots + 40 linen + 40 bolts and

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