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[Learn Unity3D with me] As a 2D director of the 90 tank war and a prop system, the unity3d tank war

this item. The specific implementation is as follows: Using UnityEngine; using System. collections; public class CProp: MonoBehaviour {void Start () {} void Update () {} void OnCollisionEnter2D (Collision2D coll) {Debug. log ("OnCollisionEnter2D:" + coll. gameObject. name); // if (coll. gameObject. name = "MyTank") {Destroy (this. gameObject); GameObject [] ais = GameObject. findGameObjectsWithTag ("AITank"); foreach (GameObject ai in ais) {Destroy (ai); Camera. main. getComponent You can add

JavaScript tank war game code re-compiled using TypeScript _ basic knowledge

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript tank war game code re-compiled using TypeScript. It is mainly a small Summary Practice for my recent study of TypeScript and is recommended to my friends. I hope everyone will like it. Source code download I have uploaded the source code to CSDN and no resource points are required: The source code is developed usi

Add repair boxes in game world war ii hero archive Modification

The hero of World War II is a game I like very much. Although it was a bit old in years, I always took it out for a long time. There is no repair box in the reward task "tank attack". It is a pity to watch the damaged tanks. some people say that they want to use mod, but they haven't found the legendary tank repair mod

Combat preparation, equipment, and rank of the Japanese army during the Second World War

Preparation and equipment of the Japanese army during the Second World War When the Japanese army was in war 2, the army had the following individual equipment: Soldiers: 6.5mm 38 type rifle, 30 type bayonet, 94 a kettle, front box cartridge (120 bullets), helmets, etc. School: 94 type **, telescope, military knife, map sac, school bottle. The Japanese army also

The reasons for World War

A lot of people say that when I think I should say a reason ... Later someone asked, I this blog to show him ~ ~ ~Write it down and make yourself firm:The Second World War is the feeling of this year scattered small matter too much, I turned over my year's record, dynamic, indeed is not really full-hearted input:Self-study Java (Tank

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