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BACKTRACK5 (BT5) wireless password hack tutorial WPA/WPA2-PSK type wireless password hack

actual situation.3. Turn on wireless monitoringAirmon-ng Start Wlan0 6Note: Wlan0 for your wireless device name 6 is the channel you want to open (but the 6 here is actually not that important)This step you may be prompted to have xxxx xxxx process impact, never mind, kill xxx xxx xxx for the given process number, and then run the sentence again until no error4. As we have chosen the target, we go straight to the target AP and start monitoring it with BT54 AP ' s MAC mon0At this point you shoul

Full tutorial aircrack-ng crack WEP, WPA-PSK encryption weapon

wireless networkFor wireless networks with WPA2-PSK encryption enabled, the attack and decryption steps and tools are exactly the same, unlike the WPA CCMP PSK, which is indicated on the interface using Airodump-ng for wireless detection. As shown in 32.Figure 32When we use Aireplay-ng for Deauth attacks, we can also

WPA-PSK encryption setting method for wireless networks

, because the operation process is difficult, the general user implementation is not very realistic. So a simplified version of WPA ――WPA-PSK (preshared key) is used in the home network. Third, please set the exact line before, at the same time ensure that there is a network cable connected to the computer and no lines by the LAN port, in order to facilitate the

In-depth explanation of WPA-PSK-TKIP and AES cracking

WPA has the ability to run the "pre-shared key mode", WPA deployment in the SOHO environment does not require authentication servers. Similar to WEP, a client's pre-shared key (often referred to as a "pass word") must match the pre-shared key stored in the Access Point. the Access Point uses the pass word for authentication, if the traffic characters match, the client is allowed to access the access point.

WPA-PSK wireless encryption for Security (1)

We have introduced three encryption methods: WEP encryption for conventional wireless security measures, restriction of MAC addresses for wireless NICs to make the network more secure, and prohibition of wireless SSID broadcast to protect network security, the WPA-PSK wireless encryption introduced in this article is a special encryption method, because some NICs do not support this encryption method. 1. C

Wireless network card encryption method WEP WPA/WPA2 Introduction

Configuration options for common wireless hotspots:Wireless NameThe wireless (Wi-Fi) name of the router.Wireless passwordWireless encryption using WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK encryption method, AES encryption algorithm, wireless password is 8-63 characters, preferably a combination of numbers, letters, symbols.ChannelWireless dat

Wireless network password cracking WPA/WPA2 tutorial

This tutorial is used to explore wireless route security vulnerabilities. It is prohibited for illegal use. Violators are legally required (not related to me) Before cracking WPA/WPA2, you should first understand the basic knowledge. This article is suitable for beginners to read.First, you must understand a mathematical operation calledHash Algorithm (hash ),This is a non-inverse operation. You cannot use

Ubuntu command line connection WPA/WPA2 Wireless network cable

One, connect the wireless network without encryption Zhang:sudo IP link set wlan0 upsudo iw dev Wlan0 Connect Zhangsudo dhclient wlan0Two, connect WPA/WPA2 encrypted wireless network ZhangEnter the command Wpa_passphrase Zhang generates the following configuration file, Zhang is the wireless network SSID, enter the password after 12345678:$ wpa_passphrase Zhang# reading passphrase from stdin12345678network=

The truth about WPA/WPA2 encryption and high-speed cracking (1)

In a wireless WPA encryption environment, after obtaining a WPA handshake verification package, attackers can use the brute-force cracking mode to crack WPA passwords. In addition, they can also establish targeted dictionaries in advance, and then conduct dictionary cracking (attacks ). This will be an effective method for most Wireless Access Point APs. It turns

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