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Using WPF (1)-based on lucene. NET enables ComboBox to have a powerful pull-down Lenovo function lucene. You will also (article 7)-the first quick start to use Lucene. net to achieve full-text search WPF region selection control (included for download)

I have been wondering how the drop-down Lenovo function of Baidu and Gu Ge search boxes is implemented? Are you constantly querying databases? I don't know how they are so efficient. Later, I had no intention of encountering the "lushen" in the blog Park. The search engine sounds very high. So after studying it for a while, the drop-down Lenovo control of WPF was generated. Name: Simple competition: Full competition: Area code: Zip code: So powe

A WPF File ListView and ComboBox

someone else's code, so I am once again grateful for being par T of this community. And now I am looking forward to see what the community thinks about this.CreditsThe Class diagrams in this article were drawn with #Develop (http://www.icsharpcode.net/opensource/sd/). I would like to say thank-the original article and code version and the tips from Leung Yat Chun here at Code proj Ect.References [1] awpffile ListView and ComboBox (Ver

WPF-displaying enums in ComboBox control

«Hiding from debugger | main | WPF: Gadget-style User Experience» WPF-displaying enums in ComboBox control Displaying enums in ComboBox in WPF isn't really rocket science. the issue however comes when you want to display user friendly strings against the enum values. enum un

A simple way to bind the ComboBox of a DataGrid in WPF (Absolutely simple)

Before writing the text, I have to say that the other WPF on the web to bind the way the ComboBox, after watching really let people want to die.Let's start by telling you a whole bunch of models, a bunch of control templates, and maybe you just want to know how to make the ComboBox show up.Convention First:To achieve this effect is very simple, except to let the

[WPF How to] add a blank option to a ComboBox

keywords in English? Count the birds, that's it, just change the angle. With Insert is not sure (do not spray me oh, I really did not find out the feasible way), with CompositeCollection very close to the solution, but only when the conversion of a little problem and to, not to add a Converter bai.Remember a word: do not do not send salt right1 Public class Cannullconverter:ivalueconverter {2 Public Object Convert (object value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInf

WPF DataGrid Binding ComboBox

WPF DataGrid binding ComboBoxOne of the columns in the DataGrid in WPF is the ComboBox solves this problem for a lot of time, no nonsense about directly on the codeXAML Code={relativesource Ancestortype={x:type usercontrol},mode=findancestor}}>Xmal's code is finished. The following code is written in the background.The. CS code is as follows:Public observablecoll

Visualtreehelper of WPF ComboBox

Textchanged is required when you use the ComboBox control of WPF, but this property belongs to the Textbox Control. You don't have to worry about it. There is a textbox in ComboBox, so the key issue is how to find the Textbox Control in ComboBox. Default ComboBox control c

How ComboBox binds data in the WPF DataGrid

In the Delphi era, I do not like to edit the data directly on the Stringgrid, and if the entire ComboBox in this Drop-down selection box, it is simply troublesome. After using WPF, I think it should be edited directly on the Stringgrid, otherwise, you will have to drag out a lot of TextBox and ComboBox out, then the DataGrid is left only the selected role. The

Let ComboBox have find function in WPF

Requirements: Due to the number of data sources of the ComboBox binding more, if the user in the drop-down column to find, it will inevitably be inconvenient, so you need to let the ComboBox can input content, and hope that according to user input content to automatically match, so efficiency will improve!First add a ComboBox in XAML: Istextsearchenabled="False"

Continue to chat about WPF -- get the bound value in ComboBox

Do not think that the data binding in WPF is complex, although it is indeed better than winformProgramIt is more flexible, but its essence remains unchanged. In particular, the ComboBox control, we know that in winform, the control has two attributes set specifically for data binding-displaymenber and valuemenber, bind fields for display and for storing user-selected values. The most typical applications ar

WPF Combobox style and wpfcombobox Style

WPF Combobox style and wpfcombobox Style    I have never understood how Combobox is designed. Today I took the time to study it and finally understood it. It consists of three controls: ToggleButton, TextBox, and Popup, ToggleButton: the entire control is a HorizontalAlignment = "Stretch" filled by ToggleButton. The ToggleButton is filled by a Rectangle, which s

WPF ComboBox Data Binding Binding

.displaymemberpath ="Cmbtext";//properties in the class Comboxbind -Combox1.selectedvaluepath ="Cmbvalue";//properties in the class Comboxbind to } + } -}View CodeClass used to bind a ComboBox1 namespacecomboxbinding2 {3 /// 4 ///for Combox data binding5 /// 6 classComboxbind7 {8 //constructor Function9 PublicComboxbind (string_cmbtext,string_cmbvalue)Ten { One This. Cmbtext =_cmbtext; A This. Cmbvalue =_cmbvalue;

MVVM mode: ComboBox Data Binding of WPF, using Dictionary as the data source, mvvmwpf

MVVM mode: ComboBox Data Binding of WPF, using Dictionary as the data source, mvvmwpf ViewModel// Attribute definition Dictionary // Initialize data // interface data public ModuleInfoViewModel (sys_Right_Module groupInfo, OperType type) {GetGroupList ();Group = groupInfo. GroupID; }/// /// Initialize the group drop-down data/// Public void GetGroupList (){Dictionary Dic. Add (-1, "= select = ");List If (g

WPF ComboBox Binding Enum

; objectdataprovider.methodparameters> x:typeTypeName= "Local:week"/> objectdataprovider.methodparameters> ObjectDataProvider> grid.resources> ComboBoxSelectedValue="{Binding Selectedweek}"ItemsSource="{Binding Source={staticresource Nameweek}}"HorizontalAlignment= "Left"Height= " the"Margin= "38,40,0,0"VerticalAlignment= "Top"Width= "Max"/> ComboBoxSelectedValue="{Binding Selectedweek}"ItemsSource="{Binding Source=

WPF supports ComboBox controls bound to commands

The ComboBox and ListBox controls do not implement the icommandsource interface, so command binding in XAML is not supported. The following code implements the icommandsource interface for ComboBox: public class ComboBoxWithCommand : ComboBox, ICommandSource{ private static EventHandler canExecuteChangedHandler; public static readonly DependencyProperty Com

WPF learning-ComboBox

Today, ComboBox is used in the Olympic special protection system. Therefore, some usage methods are recorded here. In addition, some knowledge about LINQ is also used in the process... The following is what I wrote when I went home in the evening. It has been tested... BackgroundCode: Private void btn_initcombobox_click (Object sender, routedeventargs E){Idictionary For (INT I = 0; I Comboxitems. Add (I. tostring (), I. tostring ());This.

WPF ComboBox Dropdown Binding Implementation of the TreeView feature

(ORGAVM); Orgacollection.add (ORGAVM); } This. Orgacombobox.datacontext = orgacollection;To select a node in the tree, you can display the data in the ComboBox, using a control event for the tree and drop-down boxes, respectively:Private voidLfttree_selecteditemchanged (Objectsender, routedpropertychangedeventargsObject>e) {Try{TEMPOVM=(Orgaviewmodel) E.newvalue; Selectedorgname=Tempovm.orgname; Selectedorgid=Tempovm.orgid; }

WPF {ComboBox binding class object, the value displayed in the drop-down list, and the obtained value}

DisplayMemberPath is used to display the value of the drop-down list. SelectedValuePath is used to obtain the value of the selected item. ComboBox binding class object, the value displayed in the drop-down list, and the obtained value Function of string. Join

WPF Example: XmlDataProvider & Editable ComboBox

The Code is as follows: MainWindow. xaml MainWindow. xaml. cs using System.Windows;namespace ComboBoxDemo{ /// Notes: 1. In XmlDataProvider, you must declare xmlns = ""; otherwise, the XPath search path will become invalid; 2. To make ComboBox editable, set IsEditable = "True ". Vs2010 Solution download: http://download.csdn.net/detail/xinyaping/4356561

Use of the WPF control in ComboBox

The following is a simple and practical example of ComboBox. XAML: C # code: public partial class ComboBoxTest : Window { public ComboBoxTest() { InitializeComponent(); Bind(); } public void Bind() { IList   

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