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WPF: Understand contentcontrol-dynamically add controls and search controls

I think one of the core changes of WPF is that the control model has undergone an important change. In the big aspect, the controls (most of them) in the window do not have independent hwnd. In addition, the control can provide a variety of forms through the so-called template. In this article, let's talk about contentcontrol. The first part is to dynamically add controls and search controls. What is

Content + contentcontrol + controltemplate (learning)

not. The consideration for the content attribute may be due to the mandatory addition of the layout style of the Panel type. So if you put more than one control in the content attribute at the same time, the property 'content' is set more than once. error will occur, but you can do this. 3. Additional attributes This is an important assignment method. This allows you to define attributes for the parent node by attaching attributes. The most typical example is to define the elements in the

Contentcontrol and viewmodel (1)

Some people asked me a few times ago, in mvvm mode, to nest the view in the view and switch the view. Write it down. Contentcontrol and datatemplate are mainly used. This is a viewmodel first idea. In fact, many mvvm frameworks also provide such functions. Bind viewmodel to contentcontrol to display the corresponding view. For example, Caliburn. Micro (CM framework ). Mvvmlight should have not been provided

Study with Me WPF (3): WPF Control Basics

Introduction to WPF ControlsWith an introduction to the previous XAML language, we know that XAML is a tree structure, and that WPF controls, as part of the entire XAML tree, are also a tree-shaped structure. Let's look at a simple example."F:\01.Code\01.MyCode\WpfApplication1\WpfApplication1\Resources\. jpg"Width=" -"/> "Red"Foreground="Red"Verticalalignment="Center">"Green"Foreground="Green"Verticalalignm

Learn WPF with me (2): WPF control basics, wpf control

Learn WPF with me (2): WPF control basics, wpf controlIntroduction to WPF controls Through the introduction of the previous XAML language, we know that XAML is a tree structure. Similarly, the WPF control is a part of the entire XAML tree and also a tree structure. Let's loo

WPF and Silverlight Learning notes (10): WPF control model

The way in which WPF inherits the control's type is as follows (The class represented by the green is an abstract class, and the class in Blue is Non-abstract) Control content Model System.Windows.Controls.Control class: A base class that represents a user interface (UI) element that uses ControlTemplate to define its appearance Contentcontrol:contentcontrol is a control that contains a piece of content Description

WPF (a) Basic knowledge of WPF-XAML, wpfwpf-xaml

assignment. Using curly braces to assign values is called Tag extension assignment. Usually, binding and resources are used. 2.3 attribute element assignment. Sometimes, if a simple string cannot be assigned a value, the attribute element is assigned a value. Click me 2.4 content assignment. The control must have the Content attribute, that is, to inherit from the ContentControl class, so that the value can be assigned. In the middle of the ta

WPF Data Binding details

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Data Binding provides an easy and consistent way for applications to display and interact with data. Elements can be bound to data from various data sources in the form of Common Language Runtime Library (CLR) objects and XML. ContentControl (such as Button) and ItemsControl (such as ListBox and ListView) have built-in functions, so that a single data item or data item

[WPF series] basic learning-WPF design patterns overview, wpf-wpf

[WPF series] basic learning-WPF design patterns overview, wpf-wpfIntroduction The "Design Pattern" is something cool for programmers to pick up, And it truly makes programer of the beginner Design Pattern intoxicated. Too many experiences tell us that "everything must be done in an appropriate way and we must learn to stop it. The same is true for the "design mod

WPF Self-Learning Primer (i) Wpf-xaml basic knowledge

extension assignment. A common place to use is when binding and resources are used.The 2.3 attribute element is assigned a value. Sometimes a simple string cannot be assigned, and a property element is used to assign a value.Point Me2.4 Content assignment. The control must have the content property, that is, to inherit from the ContentControl class, so that the value can be assigned. Clip in the middle of the label.2.5 Set assignment. The following e

Self-taught WPF series (1)

acceleration. Directx9 or above can render the output. Object hierarchy There are several objects in the WPF control. Let's discuss them one by one. (The abstract class is labeled with an elliptic, and the entity class is labeled with a rectangle) Dispatcherobject: The base class of all WPF controls. Maintain dependencyobject in Ui thread: Build the observer visual of the dependency attribute: connect the

WPF Notes (1.3 attribute elements)--hello,wpf!

The concept of "attribute elements" in this section can be described in a bizarre sense. 1. WPF implements object modeling with tag elements, two types: Control and container, which are used to load content and behavior, such as Button, the latter such as window. You can write this:         You can also do this:         That is, the image property of the original button and the TextBox property are extracted as objects. This is because

Idle talk about wpf ii iii (ControlTemplate [1] in WPF)

modify the Template attribute of the control. We define a new ControlTemplate to set the new value. Similarly, ControlTemplate also uses the TargetType attribute, which has the same meaning as the TargetType of the Style. The same is true for its x: Key attribute. Then, a Grid is used to represent the visual content of the control. The TemplateBinding is similar to Binding, indicating that the display color of the current Ellipse is synchronized with the Background attribute of the Button. Temp

WPF-Property Systems (1 of 4)

dependency propertyThe various features provided by the WPF property system are primarily exposed through dependency properties. Therefore, the most important way to understand the property system is to understand exactly what functionality a dependency property provides. In this section, we'll make a brief introduction to the dependency property feature mentioned in this article.The first is the composition of the dependency property. If you need to

WPF and Silverlight Learning notes (11): WPF control content Model

The WPF control content model refers primarily to the various controls that derive from the System.Windows.Controls.Control class, which are divided into four parts: ContentControl Headeredcontendcontrol itemscontrol HeaderedItemsControl Its inheritance relationship please refer to my previous blog's content. These four classes are used as base classes for most controls in

WPF core object model-class diagram and parsing, wpf Object Model

WPF core object model-class diagram and parsing, wpf Object Model DispatcherObject is a base class. by inheriting this class, you can obtain the Dispatcher object that accesses the UI thread that creates the object. Through the Dispatcher object, you can merge the code segment into the UI thread for execution. DependencyObject is the core base class used to implement the dependency attribute mechanism. D

Introduction to WPF (5) WPF dependency attributes and wpf dependency

Introduction to WPF (5) WPF dependency attributes and wpf dependency In. NET, events also have attributes. in WPF, route events and dependency attributes are added. I recently did not know what the WPF dependency attribute is for when I write a project. I thought it was for

WPF step by step-Basic Knowledge

class: indicates an object that participates in the dependency attribute system. Visual: supports rendering in WPF, including hit test, coordinate conversion, and border box calculation. Uielement class: a base class for WPF core-level implementation. This class is based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) elements and basic representation features.

WPF Getting Started Tutorial series four--dispatcher Introduction

I. Introduction of DispatcherMicrosoft introduced dispatcher in WPF, so what is the main role of this dispatcher?Whether it is a WinForm application or a WPF application, it is actually a process, a process can contain multiple threads, one of which is the main thread, and the rest is a child thread. In WPF or WinForm applications, the main thread is responsible

WPF getting started tutorial series 15th -- Data Binding in WPF (1), wpf getting started tutorial

WPF getting started tutorial series 15th -- Data Binding in WPF (1), wpf getting started tutorial Using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), you can easily design a powerful user interface. At the same time, WPF provides the data binding function. The data of

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