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WPF getting started tutorial Series 22 -- DataGrid example (2), wpfdatagrid

WPF getting started tutorial Series 22 -- DataGrid example (2), wpfdatagrid DataGridSample background code 1) read the city information data from the S_City table in the database (local)/Test through Entity Framework 6.1, and read the Province information from the S _ Province table, then, bind the data to a DataGrid i

WPF Getting Started Tutorial series 21--datagrid Example (ii)

DataGrid Background code for the example1) The Entity Framework 6.1 reads the city information data from the S_city table in the database (local database)/test, reads the province information from the S_ province table, The anti-data is then displayed to a DataGrid on a window in WPF by way of binding. The specific code is as follows.Using system;using system.col

WPF Getting Started Tutorial series 21--datagrid Example (i)

We learned about the use of the ListView control in the previous example, and today we will learn about the DataGrid. It is mentioned that the DataGrid is frequently used either in ASP. NET Web page development or WinForm application development. It allows us to flexibly display various data between rows and columns. This article will learn about the

WPF Learning using the DataGrid

sources. The difference is the same as for all WPF data controls, where the data source property is Itemsource. Before we declared the window's loaded event, we directly assigned the value: private void Window_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {    using (NorthwindDataContext dc = new NorthwindDataContext())    {       NorthwindDataGrid.ItemsSource = dc.Customers.ToList();    } } Note The example

Use of DataGrid in WPF

DataGrid is the data display control in WPF, which is equivalent to the windview in winform. However, there are some differences in usage between the two. In this document, if you use the differences between the two to better describe the use of the DataGrid, I will use this method. Now let's take a look at how to specify a data source for the

WPF DataGrid common Property records

WPF DataGrid common Property recordsCommon Methods for components:BeginEdit: Causes the DataGrid to enter edit state.CancelEdit: Cancels the edit state of the DataGrid.Collapserowgroup: The row grouping that closes the DataGrid.commitedit: Verify that the DataGrid's edits are complete.expandrowgroup: Expands the row grouping for the DataGrid.Getgroupfromitem: Get

WPF DataGrid automatically generates line numbers

When you use WPF for application development, you often generate line numbers for the DataGrid, and here are the main ways to generate line numbers. There are usually three ways to introduce two of them, and the other is simply to mention them.1. Operate directly in the Loadingrow event.This approach is done in the code behind file. That is, the corresponding *.xaml.cs file.The code is as follows:This.dataG

WPF Learning Memo (3) data processing in a DataGrid

How to get the contents of a cell from a Datagrid conversion of bound data using a value converter ivalueconverter How to get the contents of a cell from a Datagrid The DataGrid belongs to a itemscontrol, so it has the Items property and encapsulates its items with Itemcontainer. However, the DataGrid in

WPF + MVVM learning summary DataGrid simple case, wpfmvvm

WPF + MVVM learning summary DataGrid simple case, wpfmvvm1. Summary of WPF Windows Presentation Foundation is a Windows-based user interface Framework launched by Microsoft and is part of. NET Framework 3.0. It provides a unified programming model, language, and framework that truly isolates the work of the interface designers and developers. It also provides a n

WPF 4 DataGrid Control (basic functionality)

Mention that the DataGrid is used frequently, both for Web pages and for application development. It allows us to flexibly display various data between rows and columns. This article will detail the related features of the DataGrid in WPF 4. Custom Columns By default, when we set the Itemsource property for the DataGrid

NPOI exports the display data of the WPF DataGrid Control, npoiwpf

NPOI exports the display data of the WPF DataGrid Control, npoiwpf Recently, when I was working on a project, I needed to export the data displayed in the DataGrid. I encountered a lot of pitfalls in the middle. I would like to record them here for future reference. I also hope to provide some help to users. The data displayed in the export

WPF 4 DataGrid Control (custom style article)

In the WPF 4 DataGrid control (basic functionality) We've learned the basics of the DataGrid and how to use it. This article will continue with the custom DataGrid style, which will involve various style settings for ColumnHeader, Rowheader, Row, and Cell. ColumnHeaderStyle Property Generally speaking, the list heade

The row style setting for the WPF DataGrid

; } Else { returnTemplate2; } } Else { return NULL; } } PublicDataTemplate Template1 {Get;Set; } PublicDataTemplate Template2 {Get;Set; } }Defining resources"Celldatatemplateselector"> "Green"text="{Binding chinese,stringformat= good result: {0}}">"Red"text="{Binding chinese,stringformat= also effort: {0}}">Apply Template Selector "{StaticResource Celldatatemplateselector} "

WPF: Setting normal and editing styles for datagridcolumn columns in the DataGrid

WPF: Setting normal and editing styles for datagridcolumn columns in the DataGridTime:2012-02-01 20:28Source:Blog ParkAuthor:Liu Yuan YuanClick:1570 times derived classes of the inheritance tree DataGridColumn of the 0:datagridcolumn type: generally datagridboundcolumn and datagridcomboboxcolumn are sufficient to satisfy the style of most columns, If you need to customize column styles, you can use the Datagridtemplatecolumn type. Before setting the c

Npoi export WPF DataGrid control display data

. Itemcontainergenerator.containerfromindex (columnindex); } returncell; } return NULL; }}DatagridplusWhen you click Export, the scroll bar automatically rolls to the end of the DataGridIi. excessive creation of styles and fontsThe style of npoi is for cells, so if you export the most common table, you need at least 9 styles, this is not the font or what, but the borderCoarse and fine questions, basically a table, the outermost box of the thick line, the interior is

Drag the winform datagridview & WPF DataGrid (Drag & Drop)

Download source-117kb As shown in the preceding two figures, the left side is the winform datagridview and the right side is the WPF DataGrid (encapsulated as the custom control dragdatagrid and loaded in winform through the WPF elementhost ). You can drag and drop the rows to sort them. In addition, you can drag data from the winform datagridview to the

Bindings for WPF DataGrid visibility

with a proxy class for the VM through sourceproxy classFreezable can inherit DataContext even if they are not in the visual tree or the logical tree Public classbindingproxy:freezable {#regionOverrides of Freezableprotected OverrideFreezable Createinstancecore () {return NewBindingproxy (); } #endregion Public ObjectData {Get{return(Object) GetValue (Dataproperty); } Set{SetValue (dataproperty, value);} } Public Static ReadOnlyDependencyProperty Dataproperty =D

The reason for changing the color of the selected row, such as the WPF DataGrid listview

In WPF, changing the color of the selected row is very simple, that is, using a trigger: for example, the DataGrid is used as an example: DataGrid. rowstyle style targettype = maid setterproperty = background value = white/style. triggers triggerproperty = ismouseover value

WPF DataGrid Gets the data for the selected row

In WPF, click the DataGrid, how do I get the row currently clicked?For example, in the MouseDoubleClick event, in fact the selected row is a DataRowView, you can use the following methods to get the data of the selected row, you need to refer to system. IO and System.Data;var a =this.exdatagrid.selectitem;var b= a as DataRowView;or Var b= (DataRowView) Exdatagrid

WPF 4 DataGrid Control (basic functions)

It is mentioned that DataGrid is frequently used in both web pages and application development. With it, we can flexibly display various data between rows and columns. This article describes the functions of DataGrid in WPF 4 in detail.Custom Columns By default, after the ItemSource attribute is set for the DataGrid Co

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