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WPF's DataGrid binding ItemsSource the first time the data is loaded with individual column shifts solution

When recently using WPF's DataGrid, a very retarded problem was found, and the ItemsSource of the DataGrid was bound by a property: And when you assign a value to this set, the first assignment, the column shift occurs. At first thought is the problem of graphics card, the results today to integrate graphics computer also appear, the specific reasons unknow

Enum binding itemssource in WPF

ArticleDirectory 3. Obtain the attribute In WPF, enumerate and bind to itemssource. 1. Get the enum data source through objectdataprovider First, we define an Enum class: Public EnumTableselectedtype { Selectedone, Selectedtwo, Selectedthird } Then define the data source in resource in XAML. "ODP"Methodname ="Getnames"Objecttype ="{X: Type System: Enum }"> "Loc

Enum Binding ItemsSource in WPF

Original: Enum Binding ItemsSource in WPFEnumerates bindings to ItemsSource in WPF. I. Obtaining an enum data source through ObjectDataProvider first we define an enum class: Public enum Tableselectedtype {selectedone, selectedtwo, Selectedthird The data source is then defined in the resource in XAML. We've written an

Enum Binding ItemsSource in WPF

under the MS namespace is used here, and description This feature on enumeration elements.Enum Tableselectedtype { [Description ("Select First Row")] selectedone, [Description ("select second Row")] Selectedtwo, [Description ("select third Row")] Selectedthird } We write a enumhelper to get it. PublicStaticClass Enumhelper {PublicStatic T getenumattributewhere T:attribute {type type = source. GetType (); var sourceName = enum.getname (type, sourc

Enum Binding ItemsSource in WPF

And then when we instantiate this enumeration, we can call it.String> tableselectedtypedictionary {get; set;} Public conboboxenum () { InitializeComponent (); tableselectedtypedictionary=string> (); Tableselectedtypedictionary.add (Tableselectedtype.selectedone, Enumhelper.getdescription ( Tableselectedtype.selectedone)); Tableselectedtypedictionary.add (Tableselectedtype.selectedtwo, Enumhelper.getdescription ( Tableselectedtype.selectedtwo));

WPF DataGrid Data Binding

The DataGrid control is a control that displays data, obtains information from a collection of objects, and displays information in a grid with rows and cells. Each row corresponds to a single object, and each column corresponds to an attribute in the object.The DataGrid control adds many skills that are required to process data in WPF. Its column-based model pro

The difference between a DataGrid data source binding WinForm and WPF

SqlDataAdapter SDA = new SqlDataAdapter ();Sda. SelectCommand = cmd;DataSet ds = new DataSet ();Sda. Fill (DS);dataGrid1.ItemsSource = ds. Tables[0]; (This is the notation in WinForm)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SqlDataAdapter SDA = new SqlDataAdapter ();Sda. SelectCommand = cmd;DataSet ds = new DataSet ();Sda. Fill (DS);dataGrid1.ItemsSource

WPF DataGrid binding to a data source method

1 stringConstr = system.configuration.configurationmanager.connectionstrings["Str"]. ConnectionString;2SqlConnection con =NewSqlConnection (constr);3SqlCommand Command =NewSqlCommand ();4Command.commandtext ="SELECT * FROM Test";5Command. Connection =con;6Command.commandtype =System.Data.CommandType.Text;7 Try8 {9 con. Open ();TenSqlDataAdapter SDA =NewSqlDataAdapter (command); OneDataSet ds =NewDataSet (); ASda. Fill (DS,"Test"); -DataTable dt = ds. tables["Test"]; -

WPF DataGrid binding and column centering

Datagrid.columns>8 DataGrid>Center DataGrid ColumnThe center of the column needs to use the template, but the center of the column header needs to define its own style, the data is bound to the same way as before by the binding property1 DataGridName= "Cassetters"headersvisibility= "Column"gridlinesvisibility= "Horizontal"AutoGenerateColumns= "False">2

The item collection must be empty before WPF exception is used with ItemsSource

"Verticalalignment="Top"Width="620"height="269"autogeneratecolumns="False"gridlinesvisibility="None"Canuserdeleterows="False"2Canuseraddrows="False"Itemssource="{Binding Liststudent}">34"numbering"Width=" the"binding="{Binding Student.studentid}"/>5"name"Width=" the"binding=

WPF Learning 1 DataGrid uses template columns for Data Binding

First, it looks like it is after binding, Form interface code: 1 To display several columns, add several template columns. The template column is used here. The advantages of the template column are that you can customize columns. In DataTemplete, you can use flexible layout, customize the width and height of the data to be bound and adjust the style of the data to be bound. Note that the AutoGenerateColumns attribute in the

WPF DataGrid Binding ComboBox

WPF DataGrid binding ComboBoxOne of the columns in the DataGrid in WPF is the ComboBox solves this problem for a lot of time, no nonsense about directly on the codeXAML Code={relativesource Ancestortype={x:type usercontrol},mode=findancestor}}>Xmal's code is finished. The fo

WPF DataGrid datagridcheckboxcolumn Column The corresponding binding data is not updated after the check-in foreground

WPF is not a short time to use, or encounter some low-level problems, good shame.The problem is that, in WPF's DataGrid, the Datagridcheckboxcolumn column is bound to a Boo type field in the data source, and the schema is TwoWay, but after the check in the interface, the contents of the corresponding field in the data source are not updated.That would be good.binding= "{

WPF ItemsControl in-depth interpretation of items and ItemsSource

exception occurs after the run: ================== here for the split line, familiar with the binding brothers and sisters can no longer look down ========================= So here's a little digression--binding, ItemsControl the control's ItemsSource binding using the following

The button command bindings and command parameter bindings in the WPF DataGrid template

Scenario: Video upload function, upload list using the DataGrid control, the video has different states for different operations, the last column in the DataGrid is the Action column, which is the button control. You want to click on the button to do the corresponding action, but set the button's command= "{Binding Videooperationcommand}" after the action is not

WPF 4 DataGrid Control (basic functionality)

Mention that the DataGrid is used frequently, both for Web pages and for application development. It allows us to flexibly display various data between rows and columns. This article will detail the related features of the DataGrid in WPF 4. Custom Columns By default, when we set the Itemsource property for the DataGrid

The WPF display file list uses a ListBox to change to the last DataGrid used by the ListView

The WPF display file list uses a ListBox to change to the last DataGrid used by the ListViewStory background:Need to retrieve files from a directory, list them, and provide options and other features.First edition requirements:List the files for selection and the code is as follows:"Multiselectfilelst"Itemssource="{Binding

Npoi export WPF DataGrid control display data

Recently do a project, need to export DataGrid display data, in the middle encountered a lot of pits, in this record, convenient to view later, but also hope to be able to use the people, a little help.Exporting the data displayed by the DataGrid is not the ItemsSource of the DataGrid, which is distinguished by the fac

WPF 4 DataGrid Control (custom style article)

In the WPF 4 DataGrid control (basic functionality) We've learned the basics of the DataGrid and how to use it. This article will continue with the custom DataGrid style, which will involve various style settings for ColumnHeader, Rowheader, Row, and Cell. ColumnHeaderStyle Property Generally speaking, the list heade

WPF Study Notes-9. Binding (2)

4. bind to a collection In actual development, we usually bind a collection Data Object (such as a data table) to a DataGrid orIn this case, we need to use the set binding method on The ListBox list control. WPF specifically implementsSystem. Collections. objectmodel. observablecollection The generic set saves the time for writing the code of the set with the cha

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