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WPF 4 DataGrid Control (custom style article)

In the WPF 4 DataGrid control (basic functionality) We've learned the basics of the DataGrid and how to use it. This article will continue with the custom DataGrid style, which will involve various style settings for ColumnHeader,

The row style setting for the WPF DataGrid

; } Else { returnTemplate2; } } Else { return NULL; } } PublicDataTemplate Template1 {Get;Set; } PublicDataTemplate Template2 {Get;Set; } }Defining resources"Celldatatemplateselector"> "Green"text="{Binding chinese,stringformat= good result: {0}}">"Red"text="{Binding chinese,stringformat= also effort: {0}}">Apply Template Selector "{StaticResource Celldatatemplateselector} "

WPF display of DataGrid, style (alternate color)

Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/wangweiandsuo/article/details/8500864 Mainly write some recent time to learn about WPF display The direct display is somewhat similar to the GridView in. NET, which can be displayed by simply throwing a list into the DataGrid and automatically loading the object's properties onto the page. MainWindow.xaml.cs[HTML] View plain copy Publicmainwindow () { initializecompo

WPF, by modifying the DataGrid's cell style, to change the color of the selected row when it loses focus 4.0 is available

StyleTargetType="{x:type DataGridCell}"> style.triggers> Trigger Property= "IsSelected"Value= "true"> Setter Property= "Background"Value="{dynamicresource {x:static SystemColors.HighlightBrushKey}}" /> Setter Property= "Foreground"Value="{dynamicresource {x:static Systemcolors.highlighttextbrushkey}}" /> Setter Property= "BorderBrush"Value="{dynamicresource {x:static SystemColors.HighlightBrushKey}}" />

DataGrid in WPF Setting column header style

Boss command, come on, slightly geek black style is too dark, interface style for me to change the sun point. Next various adjustments. Remember how to set the DataGrid column header style.

WPF Custom Style article-datagrid

Style: Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/DemonJ/p/6283477.htmlWPF Custom Style article-datagrid

Use of DataGrid in WPF

color, and font of the column header of the DataGrid. When setting the background color, lineargradientbrush is used to make the background color gradient. Use DataGrid. rowheaderstyle to set the row header display style of the DataGrid. The sample code is as follows: Looking at the code, it is similar to the code of

WPF custom Window style (2), wpf custom window style

WPF custom Window style (2), wpf custom window style Directory: WPF custom Window style (1) WPF custom Window style (2) 1. Introduction In

WPF and Silverlight Learning notes (18): WPF style (style) and template (Template)

One, WPF style Similar to the CSS in a Web application, you can define a uniform style (style) for the control in WPF. Styles are part of a resource, such as defining a uniform background color and font for a button: 1:  2:    9:  10:  11:    12:    13:  In terms of

WPF style and behavior, WPF style Behavior

WPF style and behavior, WPF style Behavior Different styles and templates in WPF Simply put, if you only need to slightly modify the control (adjust the size, position, Font, color, etc.), you can use the style, if you need to c

[WPF series]-Style and wpf series style

[WPF series]-Style and wpf series style

WPF learning path (14) style and template, wpf path style Template

WPF learning path (14) style and template, wpf path style Template Style Instance: If you do not set a style, you need to add duplicate code to each control, which is cumbersome. You can set the TargetType of the

WPF DataGrid common Property records

WPF DataGrid common Property recordsCommon Methods for components:BeginEdit: Causes the DataGrid to enter edit state.CancelEdit: Cancels the edit state of the DataGrid.Collapserowgroup: The row grouping that closes the DataGrid.commitedit: Verify that the DataGrid's edits are complete.expandrowgroup: Expands the row grouping for the DataGrid.Getgroupfromitem: Get

Npoi export WPF DataGrid control display data

. Itemcontainergenerator.containerfromindex (columnindex); } returncell; } return NULL; }}DatagridplusWhen you click Export, the scroll bar automatically rolls to the end of the DataGridIi. excessive creation of styles and fontsThe style of npoi is for cells, so if you export the most common table, you need at least 9 styles, this is not the font or what, but the borderCoarse and fine questions, basically a table, the oute

WPF bubble style pop-up window effect code sharing, wpf bubble style pop-up window

WPF bubble style pop-up window effect code sharing, wpf bubble style pop-up window The page design requirement is as follows: The design concept is as follows: 1. Use Path to draw the tip of the bubble and place it to the top layer; 2. Draw a rectangular box with border, place the box to the bottom layer, and set the

WPF Learning using the DataGrid

We have a large number of grid controls in WinForm or webform that we can use, datagridview,gridview,repeater, and so on, so that the grid data space provides us with a great deal of convenience to allow data to be displayed in a definable way and provide such navigation , paging, sorting, filtering, data updating and other additional operations, and programmers need to pay little. But in WPF we don't usually have such superior grid controls, And to d

NPOI exports the display data of the WPF DataGrid Control, npoiwpf

NPOI exports the display data of the WPF DataGrid Control, npoiwpf Recently, when I was working on a project, I needed to export the data displayed in the DataGrid. I encountered a lot of pitfalls in the middle. I would like to record them here for future reference. I also hope to provide some help to users. The data displayed in the export

WPF: Setting normal and editing styles for datagridcolumn columns in the DataGrid

WPF: Setting normal and editing styles for datagridcolumn columns in the DataGridTime:2012-02-01 20:28Source:Blog ParkAuthor:Liu Yuan YuanClick:1570 times derived classes of the inheritance tree DataGridColumn of the 0:datagridcolumn type: generally datagridboundcolumn and datagridcomboboxcolumn are sufficient to satisfy the style of most columns, If you need to customize column styles, you can use the Data

WPF 4 DataGrid Control (basic functionality)

Mention that the DataGrid is used frequently, both for Web pages and for application development. It allows us to flexibly display various data between rows and columns. This article will detail the related features of the DataGrid in WPF 4. Custom Columns By default, when we set the Itemsource property for the DataGrid

DataGrid Apply Style file definition dynamic style

datagrid| dynamic DataGrid apply a style file to define a dynamic style HBZXF (ah Good) Http://www.cnblogs.com/hbzxf In the ASP.net development process, the DataGrid used a very high frequency, for the style of the

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