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CSS3 Text Wrap word-wrap Resolve English text more than fixed width no line wrap

English text more than fixed width, do not change their own line of question must have met, in the past is used Overflow:hidden or JavaScript to control, when CSS3 appear, we can use CSS3 text line word-wrap to solve this problem   We sometimes

Word Wrap FAQ

Source from We often need to "fix" a cliché "bug", which is the text of the automatic line wrapping problem. In professional terms, this expected rendering is called "word wrap", which means that the text processor is capable of automatically

What exactly does word-wrap and word-break mean?

What exactly are Word-wrap and word-break? Why do you have to repeat this problem? Is the question a problem? We often need to "fix" a cliché "bug", which is the text of the automatic line wrapping problem. In professional terms, this expected

Text wrap: word-wrap, word-break, and white-space,

Text wrap: word-wrap, word-break, and white-space, Synchronize this article to public number: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s? _ Biz = MzAxMzgwNDU3Mg ==& mid = 401671055 & idx = 1 & sn = b88c986e61708da0027fac035ad36f0f # rd If you are interested in


first, Word-wrap use:Grammar: Break-wordvalue Description:1, Normal is the default value, when its value for the normal control of continuous text wrapping (allow the content to open the boundaries of the container, in other words, the content can

An analysis of WORD-BREAK|OVERFLOW-WRAP|WORD-WRAP--CSS English segmentation

---restore content starts---An analysis of WORD-BREAK|OVERFLOW-WRAP|WORD-WRAP--CSS English segmentationToday in learning overflow properties again, when viewing the effect, see the following results, content in the Div China, but the content of the

HTML content is beyond the width of the div How to wrap a line to wrap the content

When the list of comments is displayed because there is a fixed width, but the content of the display is more than the width of the Div, in which case we need to wrap it, implementing the CSS code below in the work of the comment content test

CSS skills: What is the difference between word-wrap and word-break?

Source: http://homepage.yesky.com/207/7707707.shtml This article lists line breaks compatible with IE and ff.CSSRecommended style, detailed introductionWord-wrapSameWord-break.Compatible with wrap CSS recommended styles for IE and FF The best

Resolves content in an HTML table that is not forced to wrap and is out of width auto-hide and display ellipses

In the table layout is often encountered because the table content changes caused by the layout confusion, this time we may have to stabilize the layout of the cell width to write dead, but we set the width but found beyond the width will

Compatible with wrap CSS recommended styles for IE and FF

The best way isWord-wrap: break-word; overflow: hidden;InsteadWord-wrap: break-word; word-break: break-all;NeitherWord-wrap: break-word; overflow: auto; There is no problem in IE. In FF, long strings of English will be overwritten. Differences

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