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Oracle Wait Event log file Sync + log file parallel write (awr optimized)

This is the case for a customer in March, because after a server hardware failure, the business translation occasionally appears slow to commit. Let's take a look at the awr situation first.We can see that the load profile information for this

Log File sync (Log File sync) and log file parallel write wait event

The log file sync (Log File sync) Wait event has a parameter: Buffer #. In Oracle Database 10 Gb, such wait events are located below commit wait events. When processing Log File sync wait events, pay attention to the following ideas:◎ Log File sync

C#. NET log information written to Windows log Solution _c# Tutorial

1. Purpose The development and maintenance of the application system is inseparable from the log system, and choosing a powerful log system solution is an important part of the application system development process. There are many kinds of log

C #. NET log information written to Windows Log Solution

1. Purpose The development and maintenance of application systems are inseparable from the log system. Choosing a powerful log system solution is an important part of the application system development process. There are many log system solutions in

ASP. Net Write System Log Event Log

By default, ASP. Net does not have the permission to write system logs. To write system logs in ASP. Net, you must have the permissions first. We can solve this problem by setting or modifying the Registry Permissions. Method 1: "START-> Run", enter

C + + Write to Application log (Event log)

Log files are part of the operating system, so there must be an application programming interface (API) to support logging Instance: HANDLE h;if ((h = RegisterEventSource (Null,text ("metalive")) = = NULL){return FALSE;}Const char* PS =

ORACLE awr report log file sync wait for event optimization summary "Turn from Itpub"

from the white master (eel with) to log file sync waiting event Optimization summary, for you puber to learn the reference:The log file Sync average wait time exceeds 7ms, if the waiting time is too long, it means that log write is too long each

Oracle db file parallel write and log file parallel write wait events

One. DB file Parallel Write wait eventQuote from the following blog:Http://oradbpedia.com/wiki/Wait_Events_-_db_file_parallel_writeDB file Parallel writeThe db file parallel write wait event belongs to the Oracle database writer (DBWR) process

Information about the Linux system/var/log directory

Transferred from: http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-24250828-id-3198922.html1)/var/log/secure: Record log in system to access data files;For example: POP3,SSH,TELNET,FTP, etc. will be recorded here.2)/ar/log/btmp: Record login This information record,

Information detailed in Linux system/var/log directory __linux

1)/var/log/secure: Record the log in system Access data file; For example: Pop3,ssh,telnet,ftp and so on will be recorded here. 2)/ar/log/btmp: Record logged in this information record, has been encoded, so must be resolved by the last; For

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