write syntax and purpose of switch statement

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PHP switch Statement Basic Syntax example detailed

The switch statement is used to perform different actions based on different conditions. Here are some knowledge points for switch usage, and friends who are interested in switch usage learn through this article. Switch is a toggle statement, switch

Statement and Grammar of the python2.3-principle

This section is from the fourth edition of the Python Learning Manual, Part IIII. Introduction to the Python Statement (chapter 10th)1, first remember a concept: A, the program is composed of modules; B, the module contains the statement; C, the

A detailed explanation of the use of switch statements in PHP

Before we introduce you to the introduction of the switch statement in PHP, we all know that the switch statement in PHP is a loop statement, is a switch statement, so many friends only know the simple switch switch statement usage, Today, we will

Compiler architecture of the King llvm--(5) The basic structure of the syntax tree model

LLVM platform, in just a few years, changed the direction of many programming languages, but also spawned a large number of features of the emergence of programming language, is worthy of the compiler architecture of the King, also won the 2012 ACM

Php--switch statements

A switch statement is similar to a series of if statements that have the same expression. In many cases it is necessary to compare the same variable (or expression) with many different values and execute different code depending on which value it

NodeJs basic syntax and type, nodejs basic syntax

NodeJs basic syntax and type, nodejs basic syntax Preface Today, I want to check the knowledge about Node types. I want to summarize it and see an article on Googol, but the original link is gone. I will pull this article out of the snapshot, if the

[Linux] Basic syntax for BASH

The simplest example of--hello world! About input, output, and error outputs Rules for variables in BASH (similarities and differences with C language) Basic Process Control syntax in BASH Use of functions 2.1 Simplest example

"1" Groovy language Learning: Groovy language Introduction and basic syntax

Groovy is a JVM-based Agile development language that combines many of the powerful features of Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk. first, what is groovy? In short, Groovy is the next generation of the Java language, and, like Java, it runs in the JVM. As

10 days learn to write PHP dynamic website

  10 days to learn the first day of PHP Use Apache Web server and my SQL as Web servers and databases under the php-4.3.3 environment to do a simple build and access view database with phpMyAdmin. Syntax for PHP: 1. Embedding Method: PHP can be a 2.

Programming basics

1. The so-called programming is to send a command to the computer, using a paragraph, or a few commands to let the computer do what you want it to do.2. The so-called object is the object you want it to do things, just like you want Michael to buy

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