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Oracle Wait Event log file Sync + log file parallel write (awr optimized)

This is the case for a customer in March, because after a server hardware failure, the business translation occasionally appears slow to commit. Let's take a look at the awr situation first.We can see that the load profile information for this

Log File sync (Log File sync) and log file parallel write wait event

The log file sync (Log File sync) Wait event has a parameter: Buffer #. In Oracle Database 10 Gb, such wait events are located below commit wait events. When processing Log File sync wait events, pay attention to the following ideas:◎ Log File sync

Oracle db file parallel write and log file parallel write wait events

One. DB file Parallel Write wait eventQuote from the following blog:Http://oradbpedia.com/wiki/Wait_Events_-_db_file_parallel_writeDB file Parallel writeThe db file parallel write wait event belongs to the Oracle database writer (DBWR) process

Python + logging output to screen, log log write to file

Original Address:https://www.cnblogs.com/nancyzhu/p/8551506.htmlLogA log is a way to track events that occur when the software is running. The software developer calls the log function in the code to indicate that a particular event has occurred. an

Mysql log file and log type introduction _mysql

Log file type MySQL has several different log files that can help you find out what's going on inside Mysqld: Log files Type of information entered in a file Error log Log a problem that occurs when you start, run,

My MySQL learning experience (15) Log

This article "My MySQL Learning experience (15)" will explain the MySQL logThe logs in MySQL are divided into 4 categories, and using these log files, you can see what's happening inside MySQL.respectively is1, error log: Log the MySQL service start,

How to limit the Apache log file size (error. log, access. log)

How to delete error. log, access. log files and methods to limit the size of Apache log files. log and error. the log file has never been moved. Today, a MYSQL database connection error occurs in wordpress, and error 2003 is returned. log, access.

Mysql log file and log type introduction _ MySQL

This article mainly introduces Mysql log files and log types. This article describes the log file types, error logs, General query logs, slow query logs, binary logs, and so on, for more information, see Log file type MySQL has several different

ZZ MySQL Redo Log and recover process analysis

Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/liuhao/p/3714012.htmlWritten in front: the author level is limited, welcome to enlighten, all to the latest source code prevail.InnoDB Redo LogLet's start with what the next InnoDB redo log is, why you need

Yii2.0 Chinese development wizard-custom log file write log, yii2.0 log file _ PHP Tutorial

Yii2.0 Chinese development wizard-custom log file write log, yii2.0 log file. Yii2.0 Chinese development wizard-custom log file write log, yii2.0 log file header introduces log class useyiilogFileTarget; $ timemicrotime (true); $ lognewFileTarget ();

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