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Ocean studio-website construction expert: favorites to prevent forgetting: MIME type detection in Internet Explorer [mainly to prevent downloading garbled characters]

Http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms775147.aspx   MIME type detection in Internet Explorer In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and later, MIME type determination occurs in URL monikers through the findmimefromdata method. determining the

The dilemma arising from MIME Type

Mime everything starts with a bad browser and it doesn't support XHTML at all.    What is MIME Type? Why do you say that? First, we need to understand how the browser handles content. The content displayed in the browser is HTML, XML, GIF, and

asp.net when downloading files based on MIME type automatically determine the file name extension _ Practical Tips

Introduction When you use WebClient to download remote resources, you often encounter URLs like this: http://www.uushare.com/filedownload?user=icesee&id=2205188 http://www.guaishow.com/u/luanfujie/g9675/ We do not know whether this URL

How can I use the MIME protocol and form to download files on my iphone?

I developed a tool for downloading music websites online. it was written in PHP and contains the Content-type & amp; Content-Disposition in the MIME protocol. after testing the computer, Android can download it normally, the code is as follows (for

CSS is ignored due to Mime type mismatch

In the evening to write a test of HTML, under the Crome are displayed normal, think of IE look under, the result style is wrong, reported a mistake:CSS is ignored due to Mime type mismatchBaidu a bit, I was so solved everyone is written to see the

MIME type issue occurs when Django uses static files such as Js,css

Using the Adminlte template, return render (Request, ' adminlte/index.html ') reported the following error and the page rendering exception, CSS has no effect:Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: "http://127.0.

Depressing openpop mime parser

It seems that openpop is rarely used ...... So there are some things about openpop/opensmtp/mail. net ...... No response ...... However, I 'd like to know whether the source of inspiration for openpop development has not seen these messages or what

Android API Guides --- Text and Input

Android API Guides --- Text and InputText and InputUse the text service to add convenience features, such as copying/Pasting and checking spelling to your application. You can also develop your own text service that provides custom input methods,

List of HTTP picture types

Today in doing a file upload function, I found that I always upload png pictures. After debugging found, it should be in the contenttype of the local judgment error. Later Baidu found an interesting phenomenon, I found that the image of PNG

Determine file Upload type

The full name of the MIME is the "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions" Multipurpose Internet Messaging Extension Service, a Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension protocol that was first applied to the e-mail system in 1992, but later applied to

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