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Wsh Script Host wscript main object

Wsh Script Host Main wscript object Wscript. Echo wscript. buildversion 'wsh Script Host generation version numberWscript. Echo wscript. fullname 'returns the path where the wscript or cscript Script Host is located.Wscript. Echo wscript.

VBS variable name WSH equals WScript object? _vbs

Copy Code code as follows: Set wsh = CreateObject ("Wscript.Shell") Wscript.Sleep 15 * 60 * 1000 "SHUTDOWN/S/T 0" Double-click Run, unexpectedly pop-up error dialog box Copy Code code as follows: Line:1

WSH Script Host

WSH is an abbreviated form of "Windows Scripting Host". Its Common Chinese name is "Windows Script Host ". Main Wscript object WScript. Echo WScript. BuildVersion 'Build version number of the WSH Script Host WScript. Echo WScript. FullName 'Return

Prevent web shell migration to black fox and wandering home

Http:// Art_id = 122 & cat_id = 1 Prevent web shell attacks) Prevent web shell attacks) The virtual host Administrator has been working for one year, and has some knowledge about the prevention of Web shell in NT. Now we

Prevent web shell attacks)

Source: The virtual host Administrator has been working for one year, and has some knowledge about the prevention of web shell in NT. Now we can sort out some articles to explain how to prevent webshells. Common webshells, such

In-depth mining of Windows Script Technology page 1/2

In-depth exploration of Windows Script Technology ArticleAuthor: zzzevazzz To enableCodeClean and use the PHP tag of the forum for processing. (No vbs label, code label is not easy to use, depressing)If you reprint this article, make

Windows. grouppolicy

Include all the policies and scripts related to the network. If you find any omissions or errors during reading, please help us to correct them. Thank you very much! Directory: 001 automatic distribution of printers using group policies and scripts0

Collection of some classic vbs scripts

Record some classic vbs scripts 1. File Download (no echo)Echo iLocal = LCase (WScript. Arguments (1)> iget. vbeEcho iRemote = LCase (WScript. Arguments (0)> iget. vbeEcho Set xPost = createObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP")> iget. vbeEcho xPost. Open

The eight advantages of VBS scripts in System Security

Source: xiaoxin Technology Network The prevalence of VBS script virus has given us a new understanding of VBS features, and now everyone has begun to pay attention to it. VBS code is locally interpreted and executed through Windows Script Host (WSH.

Use Javascript to implement Windows Task Manager

In Windows, the Script Host (WSH) function has been provided since the 98 system. WSH can load and run JS and VBS scripts and call the COM components of the system, with the support of COM components, scripts can easily implement very powerful

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