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Android immersive status bar, color status bar, transparent status bar, modify status bar colors and transparency

First I want to distinguish between the immersive status bar and the color-changing status bar.immersive status bar refers to the status bar is hidden, after the finger has done the relevant action, the status bar display, such as video player, when playing video is hidden

Android immersive status bar, color changing status bar, transparent status bar, modification of status bar color and transparency

Android immersive status bar, color changing status bar, transparent status bar, modification of status bar color and transparency First, I want to distinguish between the immersive Status Bar and the color-changing status bar. Im

Nginx status Nginx status configuration Nginx status module Nginx Nginxstatu

Nginx and PHP-FPM built a status page, for want to understand the status of Nginx and monitor nginx is very helpful. For subsequent Zabbix monitoring, we need to know what the Nginx status page is. 1. Enable Nginx status configuration Add location to the default host or the host you wish to have access to.

Discuss the problem _ajax related to readystate (status value) and status (status code) in Ajax

First look at the following code, and then give you a detailed description of Ajax in the ReadyState (status value) and status (status code) issues, the specific content as follows: var getxmlhttprequest = function () { try{ //main browser provides XMLHttpRequest object return new XMLHttpRequest (); } catch (E) { //low version of IE browser does not provi

Query and active status of the source image in the source image. The source image is in the active status and the source image is in the SIA status.

650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" image 1.png "alt =" wkiom1r37nsij26xaaeomw3fzcq818.jpg "/> Query procedure: Topology: A is the one-hop router of bcde, and B is the successor router of CDE. 10.0 of the vrouters are disconnected, and 10.0 of a enters the active state. A will send a query to bcde. After receiving the query, the CDE will know that a cannot access the 10.0 network, immediately put the successor route

Rfc2616-http1.1-status Code (Status Code Provisions section-translated)

Part of hypertext Transfer Protocol--http/1.1RFC 2616 Fielding, et al.10 Status Code rule (status code definitions)This article describes the relevant rules for each status code, including the method to be followed by the corresponding status code and any meta-information required in the response.10.1 Informational 1XX

MySQL optimization show status View MySQL server status information

In the lamp structure of the Web site development process, sometimes we need to understand the MySQL server status information, such as the current MySQL startup running time, the current MySQL client session connection number, the current MySQL server execution of the slow query number, The current MySQL implementation of how many SELECT statements, how many update/delete/insert statements, such as statistics, so that we can adapt to the current MySQ

Status Bar (status) special effect _ status special effect

Status Bar (status) Effects [Ctrl + A select all Note: If you need to introduce external Js, You need to refresh it to execute]

MySQL status analysis show global status

The company's Nagios monitoring Server long-term internal network with the MySQL database issued ctritical alarm, because I will other colleagues of the mobile phone SMS alarm also opened, make the whole system team colleagues are complaining (hehe) At this point, it is necessary to optimize its MySQL database according to its status, which can be run after a steady run of MySQL server for a period of time, according to the "state" of the server to op

MySQL View storage engine status show engine InnoDB status detailed

First, let's look at the basics of the SHOW INNODB STATUS output, which prints a lot of counters, statistics, transactional information about INNODB internal performance. In MySQL 5, the performance statistics of InnoDB are also shown in the show STATUS results. Most of the other information is the same as SHOW INNODB STATUS, which is not available in the previou

All kinds of HTTP request status (status) and its meaning detailed resolution _win server

When a Web server responds to a request from a browser or other client, its answer generally consists of the following parts: A status row, several replies Header, a blank line, content document. Here is one of the simplest answers: The status line contains the HTTP version, status code, and a brief description of the statu

Apache Server Status Host Status View

If you are not loading this module, if you are a Linux server, then you will need to recompile Apache , compile with parameter--enable-module=so, if you are a Windows system. , no need for any compilation, just put the time just said LoadModule Status_module modules/ This sentence plus, if the front with a #, open, you need to remove the # 。Http:// will indicate that the Access

MySQL run status Show status Chinese detailed

Label:To see the MySQL running state, to optimize the efficiency of MySQL running is not only to run show status to view the various states, the following is the official documents and online information compiled in Chinese detailed explanation: Status name Scope Detailed explanation Aborted_clients Global The number of connections that were interrupted du

The status code and prompt information returned by the server to the user is usually the following (the HTTP verb corresponding to the status code in square brackets)

$ OK-[GET]: The server successfully returns the data requested by the user, the operation is idempotent (idempotent). 201 CREATED-[Post/put/patch]: User new or modified data succeeded. 202 Accepted-[*]: Indicates that a request has entered the background queue (asynchronous task) 204 NO CONTENT-[delete]: User deleted data successfully. INVALID request-[Post/put/patch]: The user has made an error, the server does not make a new or modified data operation, the operation is idempote

ZZTCP status migration close_wait status

For TCP status migration, you are familiar with the netstat-a command. however, have you noticed that the STATE column shows established, time_wait, close_wait, and so on? what do these mean, in this article, I will elaborate in detail. We understand that TCP initialization connection... TCP status migration You are familiar with the netstat-a command. however, have you noticed that the STATE column display

ASP. net2.0 control status and view status 1

Basic ConceptsControl status-to make the control work normally, you sometimes need to store control status data. For example, if you write a custom control with different tabs that display different information, to make the control work as expected, the control needs to know which tab is selected during the round-trip process. The viewstate attribute can be used for this purpose, but developers may disable

Zz tcp status migration close_wait status

TCP status migration You are familiar with the netstat-a command. However, have you noticed that the STATE column displays established, time_wait, close_wait, and so on, in this article, I will elaborate in detail.Everyone understands that TCP initializes the three-way handshake of the connection: Send the SYN packet, then return the SYN/ACK packet, and then send the ACK packet. The connection is formally established. However, there is a difference he

Status code 200, 301, 304, 404, 502 HTTP Status Code interpretation for HTTP protocol

In the actual application of the site construction, prone to a lot of small mistakes, like MySQL was optimized not in place, the impact of the overall site browsing effect, in fact, the site's regular HTTP status code performance is the same, Google can not verify the site several solutions, mentions that because the 404 status page is not properly set, resulting in the Google Administrator tool can not be

Http response status code and response status code

Http response status code and response status code From: ========================================================== ========================================== 100 ContinueIndicates that the client should continue the request. Send back is used to notify the client that the request has been received and has not been rejected by the server

Android status bar Micro tricks, dynamic control status bar display and hide

Remember before a friend in the message let me write an article about the immersion status bar, just as I do have this plan, then this article will bring you an immersive status bar micro-skills explained.In fact, when it comes to the name of the immersive status bar I feel very helpless, I really do not know who first initiated the term. Because Android has neve

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