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2017, the hottest open source static web site Builder Top 20 announced!

. Painless Project setup and migration. 100% support react ecosystem. Includes Css-in-js library, custom Query layer (such as GRAPHQL), and even redux. 17. Static Web Site Builder Docpad Docpad can help generate the front end of a Web site with layout, metadata, preprocessor (markdown,jade,coffeescript, etc.), parts, skeletons, file Viewer, query and perfect plu

10 Free Icon Builder Web Designer

. It's FREE! The simplest icon of the creator, you've seen me. All you have to do is upload a picture!Online preview5.FavicoFavico is a free online favicon.ico converter. It is fast, free and easy to use. It is used to convert images of GIF jpg and PNG format/Web pages that are required for ICO sites.Online preview6.FreefaviconTry our new Icon maker! Create your icons for your website, tablets, smartphones and desktops online to download to your compu

10 best web and app development tools

The world is full of innovation, and the passion and determination to develop is a key factor in achieving higher goals. In web development, there is no doubt that tools and available online Web pages and app design resources have played an important role.Below we will bring some of the best tools for websites and apps. 1. Powermockup This is a wireframe and mock

WEB Application Development Integrator: App settings

API Package Name The name of the package that Adi wants to invoke; API Procedure Name The procedure name of the function package called by ADI; Interface User Name Interface parameter list name ADI Interface API type Procedure or function API return type Procedure or function, if it is a function, the return type must be filled in 1.6. Set layout

Some people say that the mature HTML5 mobile web application is the future, because it saves the development time of app mobile applications on different terminals. Terminal-based mobile applications are also on the stage. What do you think? -

, efficiency (battery), and do the same. Using custom apps saves traffic and improves efficiency than browsers, the speed will be much faster (see various news website Apps ). 3. Apps can give developers more permissions so that they can get more user data and so on to implement more functions that the browser cannot do.To those who want to select HTML5: 1. Do not have expectations for cross-platform platforms. HTML5 is a nightmare in Split odd Android platforms; 2. Choosing HTML5 is an importan

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