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Certificate formats-X.509, der and PEM

Certificate formats-X.509, der and PEMPart: 1 2 3Certificate standard and File encodings seem to be confusing. I wrote down some notes about: What is X.509 certificate standard? PEM (privacy enhanced mail) Encoding Der (distinguished encoding rules) Encoding "Keytool" exporting certificates in

[WCF Security Series] authentication and credential: X.509 Certificate

In the previous article, we talked about common authentication methods: User Name/password authentication and Windows authentication. In the next article, we will introduce another important credential type: X.509 Certificate and the authentication method for X.509 Certificate. However, in order to allow readers to ful

X.509 Certificate

Certificate Overview The X.509 standard specifies what information a certificate can contain and describes the method (data format) for recording information ). In addition to signatures, all X.509 certificates also contain the following data: Version Identifies the X.509 s

Self-Signed X.509 digital certificate generation and Verification

Self-Signed X.509 digital certificate generation and Verification Self-Signed X.509 digital certificate generation and Verification Digital Certificates are used to mark the identity of network users. In Web applications, digital certificates are widely used, such as secure email, secure website access, Secure Electr

Read X.509 Certificate Revocation List (CRL) by programming (I) Application bouncy castle crypto

After the certificate with the X.509 structure is revoked, the serial number will appear in the Certificate Revocation List (CRL). We can save it as one. CRL file, you can view the information of the revoked certificate,. net Framework does not provide classes that can access the attributes of CRL (x509crl is provided

Fixed the X.509 digital certificate BUG in Linux 4.3.2 maintenance edition.

Fixed the X.509 digital certificate BUG in Linux 4.3.2 maintenance edition. Just one day after the first linux 4.3 kernel maintenance version was updated, the famous kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Harman published detailed information about the 4.3.2 maintenance version. According to his announcement, Linux kernel 4.3.2 fixes the digital verification Bug of X.509

Explanation of X.509 Certificate DN

Explanation of X.509 Certificate DN December 4 th, 2008 BySoloman || 823 views X.509 uses the DN (distinct name) to uniquely identify an object. Its function is similar to the ID we usually use. However, the difference is that the DN is no longer a digital identifier similar to 123456, multiple fields are used to identify an object, such as "cn =, c = cn". The

Summary of the Application of WCF X.509 Certificate verification

I recently configured a WCF X.509 Certificate for verification. I want to implement SSL encryption on the server. Then, when the client calls the service, I need to present my digital certificate to prove that I am a legal user.The configuration process is very troublesome, not as described in the book. I have summarized the following notes:In IIS, for a WCF Serv

CAS single-point logon practice-1: Create an X.509 Certificate

Prepare an X.509 Certificate First, download openssl. my name is win32openssl-0_9_8d.exe. After installation, configure the environment variables, which is the same as the JDK configuration.Next, create x.509.Color identifier: this color indicates what you want to enterStep 1: create a private key (enter the command here)C: \ OpenSSL \ apps> OpenSSL genrsa-out ro

The WCF application cannot find the X.509 Certificate solution under the iis7 host.

The certificate is reported by CurrentUser. The X.509 certificate cannot be found using the following search criteria:StoreName "My", StoreLocation "CurrentUser", FindType "FindBySubjectName", FindValue "WCFServerCertificate ". The reason is: IIS7's default account is Network Service and may not have access to the certifica

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