x509 certificate store has not opened

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How to use HTTPS correctly in the rapid development series--retrofit?

Label:Many articles on the use of client https is very vague, not only that, some developers directly from the Internet to copy some of the use of HTTPS "vulnerability" code, invisible to the client in a high-risk situation.Today we will be on the

WCF Articles about Web SERVICE&WCF&WEBAPI implementation Authentication (1)

Label:WCF authentication is generally common in the following ways: custom user name and password authentication, X509 certificate validation, ASP. NET Membership (membership) validation, SOAP header validation, Windows Integrated authentication,

Analysis of "Turn" code signature

Label:Go to:OBJC ChinaAnalysis of Code signatureDOPCN Oct Share Articles   "Users will appreciate the benefits of code signing" –apple Developer Library:code Signing Guide Most of the APIs you need to use for app development

HTTPS adaptation

Tags: arc tag section ram DIV Wildcard requirements article technology shareHTTPS coverAt the WWDC 2016 developer conference, Apple announced a deadline: The app Transport security feature must be enabled for all apps in the App Store by January 1, 2

Using Sslsplit sniffer Tls/ssl connection

Label:I recently demonstrated how to use mitmproxty to perform an intermediate person attack http (S) connection. When Mitmproxy work supports HTTP-based communication, it does not understand other TLS/SSL based traffic, such as FTPS, SMTP over SSL,

HTTP Service Setup

Tags: mapping system user SSI override TAC Val Service build match formFirst, Introduction1. UnderstandingEncrypted Web page (HTTPS): tcp:443 plaintext Web page (HTTP): tcp:80survey.netcraft.net--This site can be found on the latest website server

WEBRTC Server Setup

Label:1.WebRTC Backend Service: Room server for callsThe room server is used to create and manage call session status maintenance, is the two sides call or multiparty calls, join and leave the room and so on, we temporarily follow the

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