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Deploying k8s clusters with Kubeadm 03-scaling Kube-apiserver to 3 nodes

Tags: direct auth OpenSSL Res ons origin root request clientDeploying k8s clusters with Kubeadm 03-scaling Kube-apiserver to 3 nodes2018/1/3Capacity Kube-apiserver to 3 nodes Configure Kube-apiserver.yaml Analyze

Encryption and decryption of learning notes, PKI,CA

Tags: encrypting and decrypting CA PKI1. Encrypt and decryptBackground: In network communication in order to achieve security needs, such as communication confidentiality, to ensure information integrity and availability, this requires some

Cryptographic decryption, OpenSSL, private CA creation Process

Tags: openssl, RSA, MD5First, encryption and decryptionEncryption technology is the technology of encoding and decoding information, encoding is the original readable information (also known as plaintext) translated into code form (also known as

V3 certificate Field Explanation

Tags: digital certificate signing CAOne, what is the certificate?In complex terms, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) has established the digital certificate standard. In order to provide the public network user directory information

HTTPS Simple configuration

Tags: HTTPS configurationSSL Session Process(1) the client sends an alternative encryption method and requests a certificate from the server(2) the server-side sends the certificate and the selected encryption method to the client(3) the client

HTTPS Certificate self-signed

Label:http   any   errors   bak   stat    ice    extension    update   trie       

MySQL Rights Management

Tags: existing tab empty flush out sock Super user Mes methodDatabase Rights Management has always been a very troublesome thing, because the permissions are very decentralized, not easy to view, nor easy to modify the perfect. But MySQL's privilege

HTTP Advanced

Tags: between class change option advanced function index root langObjective:The previous blog post already says, apache2.4 simple configuration, port, persistent connection, MPM,DSO, path based source control, page properties, log settingsSecurity

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