x509 subject alternative name

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Creating a certificate with multiple hostnames

Multiple Names on one certificate While it is not possible without TLS extensions to serve different certificates for a single IP (see here on how to setup Apache On Debian For TLS extensions .) it is possible to have a single certificate that works

Add "User backup name (DNS)" to the SSL certificate using OpenSSL )"

In the previous article, we talked about the Signing Method of Multi-CN using OpenSSL to sign multi-domain name certificates. In actual use, we encountered a problem. In Android, the browser does not recognize multi-CN domain names, "The certificate

[Reprint] openssl0.9.8g Configuration Guide

Document directory Copyright Notice Other works Bug report, discussion and discussion Global Options Algorithm options Compiler Options Original Author: Jin Bu Guo Copyright Notice The author of this article is a free software enthusiast,

Connect to MySQL through http

Navicat can use ntunnel_mysql.php as a proxy to connect to the MySQL server. www. navicat. commanualonline_manualennavicatrv_manualHTTPS... is there an open-source alternative that allows mysql command lines to connect to MySQL server over http...

Encryption and decryption of learning notes, PKI,CA

1. Encrypt and decryptBackground: In network communication in order to achieve security needs, such as communication confidentiality, to ensure information integrity and availability, this requires some technology, the following to introduce the

Cryptographic decryption, OpenSSL, private CA creation Process

First, encryption and decryptionEncryption technology is the technology of encoding and decoding information, encoding is the original readable information (also known as plaintext) translated into code form (also known as ciphertext), the inverse

V3 certificate Field Explanation

One, what is the certificate?In complex terms, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) has established the digital certificate standard. In order to provide the public network user directory information Service, the ITU established the X.50

Java certificate parsing example

Import java. io .*;Import org. bouncycastle. asn1 .*;Import org. bouncycastle. asn1.util .*;Import org. bouncycastle. asn1.x509 .*;Import org. bouncycastle. util. encoders .*;Public class CertManager {String eoid [] [] = {{New String ("Subject Key

Java reads the Certificate Class and key tool GUI 1.7

Key tool guis 1.7 /*** title: Light Weight APIs for crypto * Description: An Example of processing a Shanghai CA certificate (root certificate and user certificate) * copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 * company: China Information Security

Wcf4.0 advanced series-Chapter 5 Protection of WCF services over the Internet

【Abstract] Implement internal enterpriseWCFServices and clientsProgramSecurity requires considerable effort,WCFProvides binding and behavior to simplify communication protection. Use. Net framework4.0The authentication and authorization provided

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