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Install JDK 1.6 (jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin) under Linux system (x64)

Tags: file mandatory profile sharing select Name not based on getInstall JDK 1.6 (jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin) under Linux system (x64)One, check to see if the JDK is installed:# Rpm-qa | --versionSecond, download the installation file:Http://www.oracle.

Introduction to Windows X64 compilation (1)

Tags: art dev debug name www. How to issue text Vista Introduction to Windows X64 compilation (1)Tankaiha Recently intermittent contact with some of the 64-bit compilation of knowledge, here is a summary, one is a review of the stage study, and

"Blog begins" Server configuration: windows2008r2+php5.6+sqlserver2008 (X64)

Label:Now popular lamp, if you choose Windows Server, then generally choose Iis+asp.net+sql Server (can be referred to as WINS), these configuration is very convenient.But there are some special server configuration, for example: Windows R2 x64 +

Dotnetcore Cross-platform ~ problem ~netcoreapp, version=v1.0 ' compatible with one of the target runtimes: ' win10-x64

Tags: Open with www error possible blog item htm failBack to CatalogAfter you create a new console project, the compiler appears with the following error:Can not find runtime target for framework '. Netcoreapp, version=v1.0 ' compatible with one of

Postgresql 9.4.0-1 x64 Win7 decompression version installation steps

Label:First, download unzip1, download postgresql-9.4.0-1-windows-x64-binaries.zip2, unzip postgresql-9.4.0-1-windows-x64-binaries.zip to E:\Second, add users1. Add Windows user to start PostgreSQL windows serviceNET user Postgres

Win10 Visual Studio 2015,c++ x64 compilation ZMQ

Label:PS. I build the process of stepping on the pit, record memoDownload: (1) Official website: Http://zeromq.org/intro:get-the-software, concise compiling method, CMake, here not much to repeat(2) to GitHub download, https://github.com/zeromq, I

Windows Server-based R2 x64 build Redmine

Tags: RedmineHighlight: Reference Document: Http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineInstall MySQL and Redmine are on the same host, and MySQL can be deployed separately when actually deployed. This article does not

VS2008 installation of the x64 version

Label:1. Install VS2008 newspaper "must use Role Manager ... 3.5 SP1 ">> Open Server Manager (Run input: servermanager.msc)>> Function--add feature--find ". NET Framework 3.5">> Confirm Installation2.vs2008 Installing the x64

WINDOWS6.1-KB2731771-X64.MSU prompt This update does not apply to your computer Ie10 IE11 installation fails

Tags: windows6.1-kb2731771-x64.msu prompt This update does not apply to your computer Ie10 IE11 installation failsWINDOWS6.1-KB2731771-X64.MSU prompt This update does not apply to your computer Ie10 IE11 installation fails1,c The new update folder,

The use of it Sky WIN7 X64 Patch Pack version 201508

Tags: win7 SP1 subsequent patchesThe use of it Sky WIN7 X64 Patch Pack version 201508It Sky WIN7 X64 Patch Pack 201508 release after the decompression has a hotfix directory, which is the corresponding MSU patch files and some netframe 4.5 exe

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