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The difference between the X86\x64\ia64

These days when you do MDT, you will always encounter x86\x64\ia64 these several folders. The first two are common, and are often encountered since the Win7 system appears. So I guess IA64 should also be some kind of architecture or version of the

On the analysis of C # writing x86 and x64 program

Computer hardware CPU can be divided into x86 and x64, x86 machine can only install 32-bit operating system, such as XP, win7_86, x64 machine can install 32-bit system, but also can install 64-bit system, just install 32-bit system on the x64

C # in the x86-x64 environment different floating-point "bug" resolution

A recent Project C # written, involving floating-point operations, the ins and outs omitted, directly look at the following code. float p3x = 80838.0f;float p2y = -2499.0f;Double v321 = p3x * P2Y;Console.WriteLine (v321); Very simple, immediately

What do you mean, x86 and X64?

x86 is the standard abbreviation for Intel processor-based systems. X has nothing to do with the processor, it is a simple wildcard definition for all *86 systems, a serial number of Intel general-purpose computers, and a common set of computer

C # Floating-point bugs raised by different x86-x64 environments

float p3x = 80838.0f;float p2y = -2499.0f;Double v321 = p3x * P2Y;Console.WriteLine (v321); Very simple, immediately written calculation The result is-202014162, no problem, C # did not produce such a result? It's impossible, open the

About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)

Original Address:About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)Small bun's dad alas alas today has the project code receives the customer feedback, requests all EXE project target platform all to designate as x86, but all the DLL project

About x86 and x64 (online data collation)

Collated the information on the Internet, categorized under, the big like statement is this:The IBM/PC compatible machine, also known as Intel's I80x86 instruction architecture, is referred to as x86.x86 does not refer to the 32-bit environment, but

[Baidu Space] [Original] cross-platform programming Considerations (II): Migration from Windows x86 to x64

Before the turn:Porting a program to a 64-bit WindowsAnd a piece of my own writing:Cross-platform programming considerations (i)Prior to the x64 platform for the transplant is on paper, as a preparatory work, but at least in writing code, has been

System. Data. SQLite. dll cannot be compiled into a solution for AnyCPU problems, as well as its cross-x86 and x64 usage.

Data. SQLite. dll can be considered as sqlite3.c written in C.. NET platform encapsulation, because the original sqlite3.dll is differentiated between x86 and x64 release, Data. SQLite. in general, dll will also differentiate between x86 and x64

For details about how to debug the wcf Service compiling platform x86 and x64, wcfx64

For details about how to debug the wcf Service compiling platform x86 and x64, wcfx64 Notes for debugging the wcf Service in the CTDC project: Because the x86 Assembly referenced by the wcf project, the target platform generated by the wcf is x86.

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