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PowerShell view the native file associations and the default open programs method _powershell

Last reprinted an article "PowerShell view open File default Application", its bright spot is to invoke the Windows API, the idea is very unique, but may not be practical. Later @j in the original comment, said Assoc + ftype more convenient. So

Download Qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.1.exe website. The QT libraries and QT Creator are packaged well. Just need this one executable program just fine.

Download Qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.1.exe (http://qt-project.org/downloads) website. This executable program has encapsulated QT libraries, QT Creator for us. So we just need this one executable program just

Module "may be incompatible with the running Windows version. Check the x86 or x64 version of the zookeeper and regsvr32.exe.

I have recently studied how to convert video formats from mencoder. Rmvb conversion is required: 1. Copy drv43260.dll to the System32 folder of the system.2. Start-> Run-> regsvr32 drv43260.dll (From: http://topic.csdn.net/u/20090515/21/15f70b04-

About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)

Original Address:About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)Small bun's dad alas alas today has the project code receives the customer feedback, requests all EXE project target platform all to designate as x86, but all the DLL project

C # combine multiple DLL and exe into an EXE program C # Use ilmerge to compress all referenced DLL and exe files into an EXE file ilmergeilmerge

C # Use ilmerge to compress all referenced DLL and exe files into an EXE file Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/hongfei/archive/2013/03/14/2958627.html#2634561   Ilmerge:Http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx? Familyid =

. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)

Reprint: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_78b94aa301014i8r.htmlToday, the code of the project receives feedback from the customer, requiring all EXE project target platforms to be designated as x86, and all DLL project target platforms are designated

Regsvr32.exe usage

Regsvr32.exe usage Regsvr32.exe has the following command line options: Regsvr32 [/u] [/n] [/I [: using line]Dllname /U-cancel Server Registration/I-call dllinstall to pass an optional [using line] for it. When used with/u, you can call the DLL

W3wp. EXE Solution

11 anti-DDoS Attacks:1. Ensure that all servers use the latest system and install security patches. The Computer Emergency Response Coordination Center found that almost all systems under DDoS attacks were not patched in time. 2. Ensure that the

Javafx: Create Windows native installer and exe with netbeans 7.2

This tutorial uses the built-in Window application generation function of netbean, so everything is the ant file for configuring the project in netbean. To generate the. exe file, you must download Inno. To generate a mis file, download it.Wix

[C #] uses Ilmerge to merge the source DLLs into the target EXE (. NET4.6.2)

This article is original article, if reproduced, please indicate the original name, author and website in the obvious location of the webpage, thank you! This article mainly uses the Microsoft Ilmerge tool to merge the source DLL into the

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