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PowerShell view the native file associations and the default open programs method _powershell

Last reprinted an article "PowerShell view open File default Application", its bright spot is to invoke the Windows API, the idea is very unique, but may not be practical. Later @j in the original comment, said Assoc + ftype more convenient. So Assoc

Download Qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.1.exe website. The QT libraries and QT Creator are packaged well. Just need this one executable program just fine.

Label:Download Qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.1.exe (http://qt-project.org/downloads) website. This executable program has encapsulated QT libraries, QT Creator for us. So we just need this one executable program just

x86 platform to x64 platform about inline assembly no longer supported resolution

Tags: adding basic skills using a custom Deb directory will be resolved by the linkerx86 platform to x64 platform about inline assembly no longer supported resolution2011/08/25 keep A record of the problems and solutions you have encountered, and

About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)

Tags: blog http io os using ar strong file 2014Original Address:About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)Small bun's dad alas alas today has the project code receives the customer feedback, requests all EXE project target platform all to

. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)

Tags: sof technology share SINA IMG Settings Technical Reference Customer ViewReprint: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_78b94aa301014i8r.htmlToday, the code of the project receives feedback from the customer, requiring all EXE project target platforms

About. NET-compiled target platform (anycpu,x86,x64)

Tags: blog c tar http a widthToday there are project code to receive customer feedback, requiring All EXE project target platform to be designated as x86 , and all DLL project target platforms are all designated as AnyCPU . Let's take a look at

Wamp2.4-x86.exe Installation Error Resolution

Wamp2.4-x86.exe Installation Error After the installation is complete, open the Testmysql prompt error under the WWW directory, but access phpMyAdmin can access it. My Computer originally had WAMP5 later PHP version is too low to install this

Unity3d software how to generate EXE program?

The first use of U3D scholars may have such a problem, I do a little game, how to export into EXE program it? The following small series to share, how to do a good game or model to export into EXE pro

Office/visio/project RTM (x86) (x64) (Simplified Chinese/English)

Label:1.cn_office_professional_plus_2010_x64_515528.exeEd2k://|file|cn_office_professional_plus_2010_x64_515528.exe|912825496|b4f9b4635a6d440dd619592330d246b6|h= xj35zbyxscrvimeviw2xlrwijn6ad7vb|2.cn_office_professional_plus_2010_x86_515501.exeEd2k:/

Android development Environment building based on Adt-bundle-windows-x86

Tags: download page tps BSP Connection update word registration mod exeFemale ticket graduation is also related to Android, to tidy up the steps to build the environment last year.The steps are as follows:1. Download

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