xampp for windows xp 32 bit

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What's wrong with my xampp. Please help me.

What's wrong with my xampp. Please help me. I just got xampp recently. However, http: // localhost/cannot be opened. In Everything displayed in xampp-control is normal, while apache and MySQL both display running. The log is as follows: 15:15:16

What's wrong with xampp?

What's wrong with my xampp. Please help me. I just got xampp recently. But localhost & nbsp; cannot be opened. Everything displayed in xampp-control & nbsp; is normal. apache & nbsp; and MySQL & nbsp; both display the following running logs: 15:15:16

My little brother, what's wrong with my xampp? Please help the gods.

What's wrong with my xampp? Please, God help you. I've only recently xampp. But http://localhost/is not open. In Xampp-control inside shows everything normal, Apache and MySQL are all displayed running The log is as follows 15:15:16 [main]

Bugfree3.0.2 Installation Details

  Bugfree3.0.2Installation and configuration Configure the environment OS: win7/XP XAMPP version: xampp-win32-1.7.7 Bugfree version: v3.0.2 XAMPP Introduction XAMPP is a cross-platform integrated Apache + MySQL + PhP environment. It is easy to

Install PHP5.4.7 and Apache2.4 in windows XP (Key Words: latest version, VC9)

Note: Part of this article is translated in English and part is original. You need to pay attention to it. References: http://www.devraju.com/php/installing-php-5-4-with-apache-2-4-in-32-bit-of-windows/ In the past, XAMPP was directly installed,

Installing Laravel 5.1.X in Windows

1. Preparation 1.1 PHP integrated environmentHere we are using XAMPP, the latest version: PHP version 5.5.27 (32-bit) | PHP version 5.6.11 (32-bit). These two versions of XAMPP no longer support the Windows XP operating system, which means you need

Apache Configuration PHP5.5 Start service error ask God for help

The first time I configured the PHP development environment is to start error when configuring this line of data LoadModule Php5_module H:/devphp/php-5.5/php5apache2_4.dll The address on the Internet need to add double quotation marks, but with

Ubuntu Operating System Installation Tutorial

Ubuntu is a popular Linux operating system, based on the Debian distribution and GNOME desktop environment, compared to other Linux distributions, Ubuntu is very easy-to-use, and Windows compatibility is very good for Windows user migration,

Multi-functional integrated environment build PHP website on Windows Server, build PHP website on server

Server version: Windows server R2 EnterpriseUsually build PHP website, can build on Linux server, also can build on Windows Server, mainly look at your personal needs , today we demonstrate is to use Phpwamp Green integrated Environment in Windows

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