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PHP+MYSQL Website Development Environment Erection (3): XAMPP

XAMPP is a relatively powerful local test platform, although the panel is in English, but clearly understandable. Registration as a system service has the advantage that the boot can automatically run, but will consume a certain amount of system reso

XAMPP Introduction, Safety, use

Label:Although not written Mac installation methods and use, but the methods are very different, the same.XAMPP IntroductionXAMPP is an open source, free Web server software, after simple installation, you can build a server environment on your PC.

Window Loading PHP development environment (XAMPP)

Label:Hara http://www.cnblogs.com/martin1009/archive/2011/11/11/2245794.html1. Fromwww.apachefriends.orgDownload the latest version of XAMPP for Windows, I'm underXAMPP Windows 1.7.1 Installer.2. Double-click the installation and install it directly

XAMPP and thinkphp build a local station and send mail

Tags: style blog http color io os ar using forI. Installation and use of XAMPP1. First look at what is XAMPP, want to build a small partner must know, XAMPP (Apache+mysql+php+perl) is a powerful building XAMPP software station integration package.It

Full-Text search for Mac under Sphinx + MySQL + PHP (XAMPP)

Label: Principle: Using indexer in Sphinx to generate index data service/web-end uses searched to invoke index data Steps: Download Sphinx: : http://sphinxsearch.com/downloads/release/This can be

XAMPP configuring multi-port, multisite steps

Label:Some days did not tidy up knowledge, many new things do not tidy up a long time to forget. It seems that we have to keep on finishing.Configure XAMPP Multi-port, multisite the following steps:Multi-Port:(multiple ports are configured under a

Create a Web database and introduce a. sql file with the XAMPP MySQL shell

Label:Chapter 08:creating Your Web DatabaseDestination:set UO a MySQL database for use on a Web siteContents:[1] Creating a database (creating databases)[2] Users and privileges (users and permissions)[3] Introduction to the privilege system

Replace XAMPP with Lnmp__linux under Linux Ubuntu

Nothing's been going on for a while this weekend nginx Reference: http://my.oschina.net/jiec/blog/295369 Note: Installing php5.6+ may require changes to fpm.conf configuration SOURCE list: Http://wiki.ubuntu.org.cn/Qref/Source1. Delete xampp folder

PHP from basic to advanced summary

Tags: http request slot XSS attack DEP Zone garbage collection Exception event flagsFirst, the basic PHPBase type: Integer, String, Boolean, float, array, object, resource, NULL scalar type: boolean, Integer, Float/double, string composite type :

Initial knowledge of thinkphp--> on the path (the root directory of the Htdocs under XAMPP)

Tags: thinkphp Getting StartedPHP has been learning for some time, has not felt, recently began to look at the framework, my simple understanding, the so-called framework is the presentation layer and the logical layer separation of a tool, and

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