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Linux XAMPP Integrated Package installation configuration method

To hang our PHP Web program on a Linux server, you have to build a PHP operating environment on the server first. Of course, if you are using a VPS, you choose the system with a WDCP version of Linux, will automatically help you install the

Centos7 Installing the XAMPP PHP Environment pack

1.XAMPP Introduction. XAMPP (Apache+mysql+php+perl) is a powerful built-in XAMPP software station integration package. The original name of this package is lampp, but in order to avoid misunderstanding, the latest version has been renamed to XAMPP.

Linux under XAMPP Integration Pack Installation configuration method

1. Check the number of bits in your Linux system, 32-bit or 64-bit. Use the uname-a command to view.Shows aX86_64 indicates that you are a 64-bit kernel, running a 64-bit system.i386, i686 you're a 32-bit kernel, running a 32-bit system.2, first

Example of xampp enabling remote access to xampp Mysql database

When accessing the Mysql database created by XAMPP, ifNew XAMPP security concept:Access to the requested directory is only available from the local network.This setting can be configured in the file "httpd-xampp.conf ".Generally, you can follow the

0 basic XAMPP for Linux virtual machine Building station teach (pen) Cheng (kee)

The reason for writing 0 basis is because they do not start groping, stepping on the pit, strictly speaking only as a record of their own operating procedures of a note, and did not rise to the level of the tutorial.XAMPP is generally used as a

Installation of xampp in Ubuntu, and remote access to phpmyadmin problems encountered

Install to half hint killed, indicating insufficient server storage spacephpMyAdmin does not allow remote access how to resolve, in the previous essay has been introducedTo set up automatic logon:First, locate config.sample.inc.php in the root

Resolves an issue where MySQL cannot be connected after installing XAMPP in a Linux environment

In the Linux system, the development of PHP is generally a lamp environment, for the development environment, there is no need to spend too much energy to configure the lamp environment alone, using the XAMPP one-click installation package is a good

Linux system using XAMPP lost MySQL root password can only be accessed remotely, the database cannot be connected locally

If you use XAMPP in this integrated development environment under Ubuntu, forget the MySQL password.When there is only remote access, local unreachable, usually host changed to% remote access, local access to one is empty shell. This is a matter of

Installation of Zen Road management system under Linux 7.2

Hint: Zen Road is developed with PHP, just install a MySQL, find a Web application server that can run PHP, put the Zen source code inside, and then follow the steps to install it. You don't have to use xampp,xampp just to integrate the PHP

Configuring MySQL cluster +nextcloud cluster +haproxy load balancing with Docker images

Test environment:DockerXAMPP 9.1.1Ubuntu 16.0.4Hadoop 2.7JDK 1.8First, configure MySQL clusterCreate a container from Docker pull MySQL cluster image, including NDB_MGM (Management node), NDB_MGMD01, NDBD01 (Data node 1), NDBD02 (Data node 2),

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