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Build Station Note 1-Configure server program, install XAMPP, two level domain name, extranet can access

First, startBecause it is a beginner, choosing an integrated environment can reduce many operations and unnecessary hassles.Integrated environment with XAMPP,WAMP, etc.I used the first use of the XAMPP integrated environment, so attach Xampp's

How to install software packages using RPM in Linux

I've been studying Linux recently, and it's easy to summarize some common commandsMainly rpm installation command uninstall and queryTar uncompressed, tar software InstallationFile deletion rm is available for file and folder deletion, and rmdir is

Installing the xampp-configuration Appche,mysql the pits encountered by the operating environment

A Web application written in PHP needs to run in a PHP web container, where Apache server is a PHP Web container that is an open source project under Apache. Usually to run a Web program, we also need to install the database software, in order to


1 What is Lampp???The internet search is roughly the case:Lampp=xampp #改名称为xampp because of a conflict with the LAMPP environment moduleXAMPP (Apache+mysql+php+perl)) is a powerful built-in integration package 01 Installing Apache Yum

Hush Framework Configuration (RPM)

In writing this article, the landlord has been hungry, because I started from 3 o'clock in the Hush Framework, took a lot of detours, iron to hot, first the basic process recorded, left to read, and record where easy detours, especially for a newer

[]ubuntu on xampp php.ini open MongoDB extension php file always parse failed!

[Online etc]ubuntu under xampp php.ini open MongoDB extension php file always parse failed!!! This post was last edited by gdf87521 on 2013-01-09 23:36:10 From MongoDB official copy configuration file, configuration complete, restart Lampp, access

Logstash Quick Start, logstash

Logstash Quick Start, logstashOriginal article address: WorkshopIntroduction Logstash is a tool for receiving, processing, and forwarding logs. Supports system logs, webserver logs, error logs, and application logs. In short, it includes all types

How to view logs in a Linux system (common commands)

MV *./html/PathCopy from local to remotescp/home/daisy/full.tar.gz [Email Protected]:/home/root (You will then be prompted to enter the login password of the root user of the other host, and then the copy is copied), copy the directory

Enable IIS to support PHP,ISAPI or cgi,fastcgi full configuration tutorial (latest php5.2.13 configuration method) _win server

Configure the ISAPI mode of PHP under Windows Server 2003 IIS6 by adding a new Web service extension in IIS's Web service extensions, with the program suffix PHP,ISAPI program as Php5isapi.dll. And then my Computer.-> Properties-> Advanced->

Ubuntu Operating System Installation Tutorial

Ubuntu is a popular Linux operating system, based on the Debian distribution and GNOME desktop environment, compared to other Linux distributions, Ubuntu is very easy-to-use, and Windows compatibility is very good for Windows user migration,

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