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How to make a platform-based game like the Super Mary Brothers-Part One (Xcode, physics engine, TMXTILEDMAP related applications)

assumes that you are already familiar with the cocos2d development process. If you are new to cocos2d, please follow the other tutorials on the website first. Are you sure you are qualified? (The original is koala-fications, sounds like qualifications, the purpose of joking) so let's start.Preparation work Getting Started Before you begin, please download the initial project for this tutorial. After downloading, unzip it, open it in

Text tutorial for installing Xcode 6 beta in mac OS X 10.9, 10.9 xcode

Text tutorial for installing Xcode 6 beta in mac OS X 10.9, 10.9 xcodeIn order to help you learn and use the Swift language without affecting the project progress or the normal use of the system, it is also out of the stability and ease of installation, we do not need to update to the new version of Xcode 6 Beta on Mac, we have provided a

Thumb Solitaire game from WIN32 to Xcode 4.5 migration process issue record

The current test environment is:1,vmware Workstation 9.0.22, Windows 7 (a bit)3, (installed via VMware) Mac OS X 10.8 (+xcode) 4.5Note : The Xcode 4.5 built-in iphone 6.0 SDK support. Also, Mac OS X 10.8 has built-in Python, just a little bit lower. In fact, there is no need to install the Cocos2d-x version template for Xcode, so it is not required at this time.T

Practical tutorial on Swift game development (university overlord internal materials) and swift Game Development

developers have switched from Objective-C to Swift. This tutorial is the first official Swift game development document in China. This tutorial details the development of five games: Memory pairing, Space Invaders, Simon memory, mini golf, and Galaxy wars. At the same time, the project also detailed the graphics rendering, g

Programming of the IOS Sprite Kit tutorial and introduction to Xcode

. Now it's time to implement the display of the tag through the code. The following steps are described:(1 Open the Gamescene.swift file for the Hello World project and delete the unused code, with the remaining code as follows: Import SpriteKit Class Gamescene:skscene { Override func Didmovetoview (View:skview) { } } (2 ) to write code in the Gamescene.swift file. The function of this code is to display a label object with the label content "Never betray Hell

Xcode Plugin Development Case Tutorial

can see that Alcatraz's packages are divided into three categories: plug-ins (plugins), color schemes (color schemes), and templates (templates).Each package must contain the "name", "url", and "description" fields, as well as an optional "screenshot" field.3.Fork this warehouse, and then clone to local.4. To add the "refactor Code" plugin as an example, open the Packages.json file and add it to the "plugins" array: { "name":"Refactor Code", "URL":"Https://github.com/CharsDavy/

Xcode 3.2.5 Certificate-free development and debugging tutorial

Xcode3.2.5 NoCertificateDevelopmentDebuggingThe tutorial is the content to be introduced in this article. Here is a weak reminder,XCode4.0 it has not been tested yet and is for reference only. Let's take a look at the details. XcodeProceedCrackingThen, the jailbreak iPhone or iPad can be connected without officialCertificateDevelopmentDebuggingNow! Currently, the latest iOS 4.2 SDK/iOS 4.2.1 SDKXcode3.2.5 applies the same way! Of course, for iOS 3.2.2

Xamarin.Forms tutorial developed by the download installation of Xcode

Xamarin.Forms tutorial developed by the download installation of XcodeXamarin.Forms Tutorial developed for the download installation of Xcode, Xcode is a graphical development tool for developing iOS applications. This section explains the download installation and Apple account application for

Complete Text tutorial on generating, setting, and applying Apple xcode certificates

Share with you the generation, setup, and application of xcode certificates. If the compilation fails as follows, I will teach you. Development Environment: Mac OS lion 10.7.4 Xcode 4.3.3 1. Click the key icon. 2. on the menu bar, select the "keystore Certificate" tab for key string access and disable all the following two items. 3. Generate a certificate request: access the keystore certificate assistant

2017 Latest Xcode Package IPA upload App Store complete tutorial

Then set up the app-related information, categories, prices, sales services and so on.If your app only supports the IPhone, you only need to provide a 5.5-inch displayPixels-Portrait: 1242 x 2208, Landscape: 2208 x 1242DPI, RGB, flattened, opaqueHigh-quality JPEG or PNG image File format).The other size of the check reference 5.5 inch on the line, up to 5 uploads.If your app supports the ipad, a set of 12.9-inch screens will meet your requirements.App icon specifications are 1024*10247.3 After

2017 Xcode Packaged IPA upload detailed tutorial on Apple application market

Xcode packaged IPA upload full tour of App Store is divided into 8 steps 1. Apply for iOS certificate 2, import the certificate to Keychain 3, Xcode configuration iOS certificate 4, configure Xcode packaging environment 5, packaging and Export IPA package 6. Create app on itunes Connect 7. Upload IPA to itunes Connect 8, upload the IPA success to the itunes Conne

Text tutorial for installing xcode 6 beta in Mac OS X 10.9

In order to help you learn and use the swift language without affecting the project progress or the normal use of the system, it is also out of the stability and ease of installation, we do not need to update to the new version of xcode 6 beta on Mac, we have provided a tutorial on installing xcode 6 beta in Mac OS X 10.9 on a VMware 10 Virtual Machine to experie

Xcode 4.5.2 Certificate-free real machine debugging and generation IPA tutorial 2

In the previous blog article "xcode 4.5.2 Certificate-free real machine debugging and IPA generation tutorial", I introduced how to debug on a real machine. Now I will introduce how to generate an IPA file and share it with others for installation.Step 1. Add a custom generated script, add a phase in build phases, add build phase in the lower right corner, click Add run script, and enter the following scrip

Tutorial on tracking compilation times in XCode

XCodeTrackingCompileThe number of times instance tutorial is the content to be introduced in this article. This article is suitable for friends who work on projects separately, sometimes you want to track how many times your project has been edited, XCode/compiled, run, and tested. When you develop one or two programs, if you have the tracking data, you may get a relatively obvious data. How long does it ta

In XCODE, use Main. Storyboard to pull the control and implement events (Swift language). xcodestoryboard tutorial

In XCODE, use Main. Storyboard to pull the control and implement events (Swift language). xcodestoryboard tutorial In XCODE, how does one pull the control in Main. Storyboard and implement a simple effect? I have just been familiar with the Swift language, and I am still unfamiliar with IDE operations. If I don't understand it, I will refer to my previous article

A detailed tutorial on Xcode and GitHub!

Public Key had been saved in Abcde.pub.The key fingerprint is:ea:74:df:7d:29:de:c9:37:80:49:be:d9:5c:9e:03:94[email protected]The key ' s randomart image is:+--[RSA 2048]----+| || || . || . E || S O + || . + O. || O. = = o|| O. . + =o*+|| . . o.o=+|+-----------------+Then on the computer command+shift+g go to "/users/sorex1984/.ssh/" under this folder:(5) Open id_rsa.pub This file, copy the contents of the file to GitHub "account setting" SSH keys "Add ssh key":(6) Point to open the project the

Cocos2d-x Installation tutorial for Mac (Xcode)

/.bash_profile.3. Preparing to create a projectEnter the specified folder. For example, my:cd/users/apple/desktop/colin/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-x-3.3/tools/cocos2d-console/bin/If the first two steps are followed, enter the CD Tools/cocos2d-console/bin directly. (because it is currently in the cocos2d-x-3.3 directory)You can then use the following command:Cocos new project name-P package name-L language-D destination folderFor example, my:./cocos new Helloworld-p com.history.helloworld-l cpp-d/users/ap

Animation/Game Development tutorial (game course) under WPF/Silverlight

Thank you very much for sharing this series of exciting C # development of WPF/Silverlight animations and game series tutorials (game course) with the right hand of dark blue. This article is the author's note and Article Index. First: Source code of this series of tutorials:Wpfgamecourse.rar(You can download it for practice, but do not use it for commercial purposes.) I have made WPF-2D-ARP

C # Developing the game object's behavioral logic method in Unity game tutorial

C # Developing the game object's behavior logic method of Unity game tutorial The behavior logic of game object--methodmethod, the reader in the 1th chapter of the new script has been seen, and in the 2nd chapter on the overall introduction of the script is also introduced, then the last chapter, although the main cont

IPhone game development tutorial game engine (4)

simulate a suspension system and a speed control system? Will the screen shake when a player has a cannon? Basically, it is the work of designers who make the game feel good, but it requires the work of programmers to implement it. Do not be afraid to write some special test cases to get the correct results. For example, a common technique used in testing is to set "flag" for objects ". When an object is in contact with another object "ground", you c

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