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Detailed meaning of JTAG

present, there are various simple JTAG cables, which are actually just a level conversion circuit and also play a protective role. JTAG logic is implemented by software running on the PC. Therefore, theoretically, any simple JTAG cable can support various applications, such as debug. You can use the same JTAG cable to

FPGA development All-in---FPGA development and Xilinx series

technical features of the VIRTEX-6FPGA series.Table 3-15 Virtex-6 FPGA series main technical features(7) Xilinx Prom Chip IntroductionXilinx's platform Flash Prom provides non-volatile storage for all models of Xilinx FPGAs. The full range of prom capacities ranges from 1Mbit to 32Mbit and is compatible with any Xilinx FPGA chip with full industrial temperature

Xilinx FPGA learning notes 1-chipscope cannot observe the signal BUFG, xilinx-chipscope

Xilinx FPGA learning notes 1-chipscope cannot observe the signal BUFG, xilinx-chipscope Today, I started to try to use chipscope and wrote a simple routine of the Water lamp. There was no problem when I started the Integrated Wiring. However, after chipscope was added, an error was always reported. First case: Using chipscope cannot directly observe the global clock signal, that is, the BUFG signal ----- X

Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 10.04 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1

Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 9.10 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1 (I have already tried it on Ubuntu. It will be OK if I make some changes) Keys about installing and using Xilinx ise ds 10.1 SP3 at Linux platform Xupv2p of Xilinx is an FPGA development board integrated with ppc405 hard core. It can be used for embedded applications. During correspondin

Key points for installing and using Xilinx ise ds 9.10 SP3 on Ubuntu 10.1

connection. Ln-SF/usr/lib/libstdc ++. so.5.0.7/usr/lib/libstdc ++. so.5 5. Install fxload Fxload is used to update the hex of the download tool, # apt-Get install fxload 6. Install the wrap editor. # Apt-Get install rlwrap 7. Disguise gmake # Ln-SF make/usr/bin/gmake 3. Install the downloader driver # Cd/opt/Xilinx/10.1/common/bin/Lin #./Setup_pcusb During installation, check whether related files exist in/etc/hotplug/USB. If no files exist, copy the

Using XILINX and ModelSim in LINUX and how to set PCMCIA to serial port card

Use XILINX and ModelSim in LINUX and set the PCMCIA to serial port card-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For more information, see the following. This document is mainly based on how to use XILINX in gentoo-wiki. I have made some modifications to apply to the amd64 architecture and require that the gentoo configuration be multilib, because the latest ise 9.2i webpack versio

Ubuntu under Xilinx Platform Cable usb/altera usb-blaster/seed XDS-560

Under non-root permissions to run the IDE, such as VIVADO/QUARTUS/CCS, need to use JTAG when the issue of permissions, almost all USB debugging devices under Linux will encounter this problem. Here is an example of how to solve this problem with Xilinx Platform Cable USB.After plugging in the USB, view the deviceLsusb001 006View permissions for this devicels -l/dev/bus/usb/001/006CRW11895 24 :/dev/bus/usb

How to add Xilinx/Altera library in Modelsim

Currently, many people install Xilinx and Modelsim separately. Therefore, when using simulation libraries of chip manufacturers such as Xilinx or Altera, libraries cannot be found; because Modelsim does not own the simulation libraries of FPGA manufacturers, you must manually compile these libraries. Below I will introduce three methods to increase the library problem of

2-Image signal processing board for dual Tms320c6678+xilinx FPGA K7 xc7k420t based on 6U VPX

Image signal Processing Board of dual Tms320c6678+xilinx FPGA K7 xc7k420t based on 6U VPX The integrated image processing hardware platform includes 2 blocks of image signal Processing Board, 1 blocks of video processing board, 1 blocks of main control Board, 1 blocks of power Plate, and 1 blocks of VPX backplane.First, the Board of Cards overviewThe image signal Processing board includes 2-piece TI multicore DSP processor-tms320c6678,1 C

270-vc709e Enhanced Xilinx Vertex-7 FPGA V7 xc7vx690t PCIeX8 interface card based on FMC interface

vc709e Enhanced Xilinx Vertex-7 FPGA V7 xc7vx690t PCIeX8 interface card based on FMC interface first, the Board of Cards overviewBased on Xilinx's FPGA xc7vx690t-ffg1761i chip, the board supports FMC connectors with PCIeX8, 64bit DDR3 capacity 2GBYTE,HPC, Board supports a variety of interface inputs, and software supports Windows.second, functional and technical indicators:1, Standard PCI-E interface, support PCI-E 8x, support PCI-E 3.0.2

Design of general-purpose JTAG debugger Based on FPGA

Design of general-purpose JTAG debugger Based on FPGA [Date:] Source: single-chip microcomputer and Embedded System Application Author: Ma junrehang, University of Electronic Science and Technology [Font:Large Medium Small]   The development of the system based on the concept of System Virtual Machine (ANN) is a new development direction for the simulator. The so-called systems on a chip are implemented by using the programmable t

ARM JTAG Debugging principle

ARM JTAG Debugging principleOpen-jtag Development Group1 PrefaceThis article mainly introduces the basic principles of ARM JTAG debugging.The basic content includes the introduction of TAP (TEST ACCESS PORT) and Boundary-scan ARCHITECTURE,On this basis, combined with ARM7TDMI, the JTAG debugging principle is introduced

Jlink using the tutorials and the differences with JTAG

It's not easy for a novice.and learning from the beginning is a very good thing.WatchTo debug arm, JTAG is one of the following arm 's debug interface protocols. When simulation, IAR, KEIL, ads, etc. have a common debugging interface, RDI is one of them, then how do we complete the Rdi-->arm Debug Protocol (JTAG) conversion? There are two ways to do this:1. Write a service program on the computer, parse the

As, PS, and JTAG configuration modes for Altera FPGAs

FPGA devices are available in three configurations: Active configuration mode (as) and passive configuration mode (PS) and most commonly used (JTAG) configuration methods.as mode (Active Serial Configuration mode): Each time the FPGA device is power-up, the FPGA device The boot configuration operation process, which controls the external memory and initialization process, from the configuration device EPCS actively emit the number of reads The EPCS da

[Note]. How can I properly plug in the JTAG simulator of the FPGA Development Board, such as USB-blster?

ArticleDirectory Fault 1 Summary Introduction Whether it is customer feedback or your own experience, USB-blaster cannot download and configure FPGA from time to time. The reasons are as follows: 1. The JTAG-related pins on FPGA Devices are faulty; 2. the USB-blaster is broken; 3. The 10-pin JTAG cable is not properly pressed. Among them, Article 1 has brought the most serious damag

STM32 JTAG pin multiplexing settings

Preludeto copy the definition of the JTAG, SW interface,Jtag:jtag (Joint test Action Group; joint testing team) is an international standard test protocol that is used primarily for in-chip internal testing. Most advanced devices now support JTAG protocols such as DSPs, FPGA devices, and so on. The standard JTAG interface is 4 lines: TMS, TCK, TDI, TDO, mode sele


Differences between SWD and JTAG and usageIt is the jlink pin diagram given in the segger manual. You can view the relationship between SWD pin and JTAG pin. I. Differences between SWD and traditional debugging methods 1. SWD mode is more reliable than JTAG in high-speed mode. In the case of a large amount of data, the JTAG

JTAG, jlink, and ulink

Turn: http://blog.csdn.net/wangwq87/article/details/7106240 JTAG is also an international standard test protocol (IEEE 1149.1 compatible). It is mainly used for internal chip testing. Most advanced devices now support the JTAG protocol, such as DSP and FPGA Devices. The standard JTAG interfaces are four lines: TMS, tck, TDI, and TDO, which are the mode selectio

Xilinx solution in Linux

Linux Xilinx solution-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Xilinx is used for recent logic tests. I am using Xilinx ISE 8.2i, which requires windows NT/XP, or rh 3, 4 (I didn't want BS of it ...) Therefore, it is estimated that there will be a bunch of errors when using this item in various r

[Usb-blaster] Error (209040): Can ' t access JTAG chain

Today, I encountered this problem in downloading the FPGA program to the board of your own design.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Error (209040): Can ' t access JTAG chainerror (209012): Operation Failedinfo (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Wed Au G to 15:12:29 2016Info (209060): Started Programmer operation at Wed 15:12:31-------------------------------------------------------------------------

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