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Considerations for character sets, ASCII, iso-8859-1, relationships between symbols, and HTML URL coding in HTML

First, HTML entities1. What is an HTML entity?In HTMl, some characters are reserved. Less than (), the browser is mistaken for a labelIf you want to display reserved characters correctly, you must use the character entity (HTML entities) in the HTML

Parse XML text using MSXML (1)

Parse XML text using MSXML (1)The xml dom (Document Object Model) object provides a standard method to operate information stored in the XML document. This is the DOM application programming interface (API) function. It is an applicationProgramAnd

Some articles related to Java coding can also be collected from the Internet

Tomcat's default encoding settings and causes of garbled characters Http://www.linuxso.com/architecture/20099.html Generation of garbled charactersFor example, the Chinese character "medium" is encoded with a UTF-8 to get a 3 byte value % E4 % B8 %

XML Learning 2:xml Basic Syntax (i)

Importan XML file can be divided into the following sections: document declarations, elements, attributes, comments, CDATA areas, special characters, processing instructions(processing instruction) and so on. Let's look at a simple XML description:

. NET Learning Notes---XML basics

I. Introduction to XMLXML is a markup language that describes data and provides a standardized way to represent text data. The XML document is suffixed with. Xml. It is important to note that XML is case-sensitive.Let's start with a simple XML

XML operations for PHP extension (3) -- use of XML parser and related functions

I. XML element structure routine the first routine indent displays the starting element structure in the document. Example #1 show the XML element structure & lt ;? Php $ file I. XML element structure routine The first routine indent shows the

The path to java siege lions-review xml & dom_pull programming, java siege lions xml

The path to java siege lions -- Review xml & dom_pull programming and java siege lions xml   Xml & dom_pull programming: 1. Remove the welcome window: Enter "configuration center" in the preferences option of the window item to find this item

XML operations for PHP extension (2) -- XML parser installation and overview

I. Overview and installation of XML (Extensible Markup Language, eXtensibleMarkupLanguage) is a data format used for structured document interaction on the Internet. It is a standard defined by the Internet Association (W3C. XML and its

XML reference: xml basics (2)-XML tree structure and syntax rules

XML Tree Structure XML documents form a tree structure that begins with "root" and expands to "branches ". An XML document instance XML uses a simple self-descriptive Syntax: George JOHN reminder don't forget the meeting! The first

[XML] basic Tutorial: briefly introduces the features, usage, and structure features of XML

What is XML?1. xml refers to the Extensible Markup Language)2. XML is a markup language, similar to HTML3. XML is designed to transmit data rather than display data.4. the XML tag is not predefined. You need to customize the tag.5. XML is designed

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