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Introduction to XML normalization form (from http://www-900.ibm.com/developerWorks/cn/xml/x-c14n/)

XML carefully places the file or other data source and the abstract model of the XML document away. If you want to determine whether an XML document has been modified to compare two XML documents for equality, it can be inconvenient to compare a

My HTML tidy Configuration

HTML tidy configuration options   Most of our current websites are html. If you want to standardize them, It is very troublesome to manually modify one page at a time. If there is a tool that can automatically convert HTML into conforming XHTML. In

The story of Font: & A Brief History and Its Application in Design

Document directory Additional reading & It is a very unique character. When designing this character, font designers often have little knowledge about the background of this symbol. In fact, & has a long and interesting history. This article

Apsaravideo for MySQL is deployed and related issues (Chinese garbled characters, etc.) are fixed.

IntroductionNutch is an open-source Web search engine that provides high-quality search services.It is a good full-text search solution for some internal systems or small and medium websites.Deployment of nutchThe latest version of nutch can be

Python Regular Expression Operations Guide _python

Original author: a.m. kuchling (amk@amk.ca) Licensing: Authoring Sharing protocol Translation staff: Firehare Proofreading Staff: Leal Applicable version: Python 1.5 and subsequent versions http://wiki.ubuntu.org.cn/Python%E6%AD%A3%E5%88%99%E8%A1%A8%

[CSS Mastery]chapter 1:setting The Foundations

Chapter 1:setting The Foundations The human race is a naturally inquisitive species. We just love tinkering with things. When I recently bought a new IMAC, I had it to bits within seconds, before I ' d even read the instruction manual. We enjoy

YII2 Analysis of XSS attack prevention Strategy _php example

This article illustrates the YII2 's XSS attack prevention strategy. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: XSS Vulnerability Fixes Principle: Do not trust the data entered by the customerNote: The attack code is not

Yii2 XSS attack prevention policy analysis _ php instance

This article mainly introduces Yii2's XSS attack prevention policies, analyzes in detail the XSS attack principles and Yii2's corresponding defense policies, for more information about Yii2 XSS attack prevention policies, see the following example.

YII2 Analysis of XSS attack prevention Strategy _php instance

This paper describes the prevention strategy of XSS attack in Yii2. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: XSS Bug fix Principle: Do not trust the data entered by the customerNote: The attack code is not necessarily in the ① flags The

6th days of website construction using web standards: XHTML code specification

ArticleDirectory 1. All tags must have an ending mark. 2. The element and attribute names of all tags must be in lower case. 3. All XML tags must be reasonably nested. 4. All attributes must be enclosed by quotation marks (""). 5

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