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Using XML technology to construct remote services in PHP)-PHP Tutorial, PHP application

Using XML technology to construct remote services (transfer) in PHP-PHP Tutorial, using xml technology to construct remote services in PHP In the future, the web will be service-centered. xml_rpc makes writing and application services very simple.

C/C ++ developers: enrich your xml Toolkit

Content: Two tools Design your own XML Dialect

Introduction to WEB Services

Introduction to Web services This document briefly discusses the concept of WEB services and the technologies supported by the NetBeans IDE. Used primarily to help newcomers understand Web services before using the tutorial. WEB services are

Deploy web services using WSDL: Part 1 Introduction to Web Services and WSDL

From Http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/webservices/ws-intwsdl/part1/index.htmlUse WSDL to deploy Web Services: Part 1 Introduction to Web Services and WSDL Level: elementary Bilal Siddiqui, CEO, WAP monster November 01, 2001 In the "deploy

Rookie Tutorial--web Services Tutorial

Web Services TutorialsWww.runoob.com/webservices/webservices-tutorial.htmlBy using Web Services, your application can publish information to the world or provide a feature.The Web Services scripting platform needs to support XML + HTTP.Start

1. Use cxf and spring to create Web Services

Introduction:With the open-source Web service framework Apache cxf, you can easily create Web Services in the plain old Java object (pojo) style. This article is part 1 of this series and will show you how to use spring and cxf to publish pojo as a

Java EE Web Services Development Series 13: Secure axis Web Services, part 2nd

Before reading this article you need the following knowledge and tools: Apache axis1.1, and will be used initially, Tomcat 5.0.16 above, and will be initially used, SOAP message (SOAP messages) programming knowledge, Java Security programming basics;

Introduction to MS SQL Server tutorial

SQL Server is a relational database management system that was originally developed by the Microsoft,sybase and ashton-tate three companies and launched the first OS/2 version in 1988. After Windows NT was launched, Microsoft and Sybase went their

Developing interoperable Web Services-consolidating Java and Microsoft. NET

Services|web developing interoperable Web services-integrating Java and Microsoft. NET Interoperability is one of the main promises of WEB services. WEB services are designed to be independent of the underlying operating system and programming

Constructing remote services using XML technology in PHP (UP) _php tutorial

The future of the web will be a service-centric WEB,XML_RPC standard making it very easy to write and apply services. This article introduces the XML_RPC Standard and its PHP implementation, and demonstrates how to develop XML_RPC services and

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