xp manual update

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Windows XP ultimate settings

Windows XP ultimate settings) Windows XP ultimate settings (painstaking)Statement: The above information is collected from the Internet and I have not tested them one by one. Therefore, be careful when making changes and make backups. Are you

Windows XP system service details

1. What is system service?In Windows 2000/XP/2003, a service is a program, routine, or process that executes a specific system function to support other programs, especially low-layer (close to hardware) programs. When services are provided through

You know what? A xp! is hidden in Windows 7.

Remember in the Windows7 release on the Eve, once had a friend particularly excited to ask, "heard that Windows7 hid an XP?" "Tibetan … I believe that this guy must have liked the game of Hide-and-seek when he was young, and a friend asked me,

XP operating system activation Manual

Everyone knows that Microsoft's license to Windows operating systems has always been limited: a set of legally authorized copies of Windows operating systems can only be installed on one computer, but in fact many people do not comply with this

Windows 7 and XP dual system installation Method rollup

With the release of the official version of Windows 7 (Win7), many friends are very concerned about installing Win7 and XP dual systems, especially for the dual-system problem of installing XP under Win7. This article will introduce three kinds of

XP System 70 Tips

Although the official version of WIN10 is about to be released, Microsoft has already given up XP, but as the most successful operating system, still has a large number of users, and the following a lot of XP skills, in the WIN10 system, the same

WINDOWS XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

Windows XP Ultimate Setup Windows XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) Statement: The above data are collected from the Internet from the collation, I have not one by one test, so in the change to be careful, do a backup, preparedness,

3 Ways to install XP and Win7 dual systems

Scenario 1 Traditional dual-system solution--win7 install XP It is believed that many of the users who bought the new computer are pre-installed Win7 operating system, but also need to use the XP system. So you need to install XP in Win7.   method

A great gathering of Windows XP's latest application techniques _windowsxp

1. Recover EXE file association EXE file association error very troublesome, Because this situation is caused by the virus, and anti-virus software is the main file is EXE file, since the EXE file association error, how can I run anti-virus software?

Windows XP full system Optimization Tutorial

German Windows XP system optimization patch is not looked at a lot of Windows XP optimization article, put the system is also toss to die, or old cow pull broken car. Below we are employed to introduce people in detail about Windows XP Comprehensive

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