xpath get innerhtml

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C # uses XPath to simply crawl the contents of a Web site

Public Static voidGet () {//string Xpathtri = "//*[@id = ' classify-list ']/dl/dd/a/cite/span/i "; #regionGet the category of the homepage////HTML address of the home page //string urlhome = "http://www.qidian.com/"; //htmlweb

InnerText, InnerHTML

InnertestModify the text content of the label, if the modified string has a label format, will not show the label to the pageInnerHtmlPrints all the child tags in a label as a string, and if the modified string is formatted as a label, it is

How to retain the html characters in nodeValue when collecting data using PHPXPath

The Code is as follows: {code ...} & amp; lt; br & amp; gt; In the content will be removed. You can retain html tags for any operations such as $ e-& amp; gt; innerHtml. 8.18 update: {code...} the code is as follows: $html = Test

Some differences between IE and DHTML in Mozilla

1. The interfaces on the Dom are basically the same, but the test shows that the DOM under Mozilla is more standard. Even if some methods are the same, there will be some minor differences in IE, but it is irrelevant. 2. In the event model, the

HTML Parsing class Library Htmlagilitypack

1. Htmlagilitypack IntroductionThe first problem encountered in the Web site is the problem of crawling and parsing HTML, generally in the case of obtaining a small amount of information on the page, we can use the regular to accurately match the

Powerful tools for parsing html and collecting web pages, and powerful tools for collecting html data

Powerful tools for parsing html and collecting web pages, and powerful tools for collecting html data HtmlAgilityPack is A. Net-based, third-party free open-source micro-class library, mainly used to parse html documents on the server side (in B/S

Javascript Feature Detection Technology

This new technology was first developed by jquery and supported by prototype and mootools. The reason for the rise of this technology is that browser sniffing technology is not very reliable. For example, useragent is easily forged. For example,

"Turn" C # HTML parsing classes like jquery Htmlagilitypack Basic class Introduction and application

Html Agility pack:http://htmlagilitypack.codeplex.com/Html Agility Pack Source class about 28 or so, in fact, not a very complex class library, but its function is not weak, to parse the DOM has provided strong enough functionality to support, can

The simple and convenient unified encapsulated get/post library aliasnet was officially announced ~ Open Source ~

During web page automation, the most common task we do is to constantly get/post data to a URL and get the corresponding response, and then perform the next step by analyzing the response results, through web page automation, we can do a lot of work,

JQuery Technique Encyclopedia (Beginner's introduction) _jquery

First, Introduction1.1. Overview With the rapid development of WEB2.0 and Ajax ideas on the Internet, there have been some excellent JS frameworks, among which the famous prototype, YUI, JQuery, MooTools, Bindows and the domestic JSVM framework, By

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