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[Tips] To create a dedicated Windows 7 ISO image that belongs to Dell XPS 13 (9350)

features of Maxx Audio.8. Simple performance evaluation Finally, the system has been installed, but also to solve the future heavy installation of the system steps cumbersome problems. Save the resulting ISO file Cn_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_618537_xps9350.iso and then run for a minute to relax.The above is the score that comes with Windows 7.The Dell XPS 9350 comes with a strong SSD reading and sequencing performance that is roughly

JVM problem location of Swiss Army knife--jcmd

jcmdis a JDK comes with an artifact, it is easy to profiling the Java program. Jcmd can actually replace a lot of commonly used tools, such as Jstak,jmap. Let us now understand what the jcmd,jcmd can do to help us locate the problem. How we use jcmd in our work. From Jdk7 onwards, Jcmd is a tool that comes with the JDK. In the case where the JDK's path is properly configured, we can execute it directly at the command line jcmd : [root@vincent-testing ~]# jcmd -h Usage: jcmd With Jcmd, we can

New GRAYLOG2 installation process

State Pid/program NameTCP 0 0* LISTEN 2246/mongodTCP 0 0* LISTEN 7595/./mongodTCP 0 0* LISTEN 9352/./mongodTCP 0 0* LISTEN 9443/./mongodTCP 0 0* LISTEN 2348/dnsmasqTCP 0 0* LISTEN 993/sshdTCP 0 0* LISTEN 982/cupsdTCP 0 0* LISTEN 2192/masterTCP6 0 0::: 9000:::* LISTEN 1010/javaTCP6 0 0::: 1514:::* LISTEN 1010/java

Raspberry Pi 3B Kernel compilation

1. Preparatory work: 1.1 Development environment System Ubuntu 16 (64-bit) 1.2 Download Source: Https://github.com/raspberrypi Linux: Raspberry Pi kernel source Tools: Raspberry Pi cross-compilation tool Download mode: (1) Web download Download zip directly (2) Command download git clone--depth=1 Https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux git clone https://github.com/raspberrypi/tools Save path is ~/raspberry/under 2. Determine version 2.1 View information about the current Raspberry Pi compiler root

POJ 1065 Greedy algorithm

Wooden Sticks Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 21899 Accepted: 9350 DescriptionThere is a pile of n wooden sticks. The length and weight of each stick is known in advance. The sticks is processed by a woodworking machine in one by one fashion. It needs some time, called setup time, for the machine to prepare processing a stick. The setup times is associated with

jquery for full selection and inverse selection

Full selection and reverse selectioninputtype= "checkbox"ID= "Chk_all" />inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Newsletter"value= "0" />inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Newsletter"value= "4" />inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Newsletter"value= "+" />$ ("#chk_all"). Click (function () {$ ("input[name= ' newsletter ')"). attr ("Checked", this.checked); }); All -in- one operation Human-type organization coding Operation Liming USER e350e212-eb88-

Motherboard BIOS modification and refresh

: My cnblogs download function was disabled due to the large number of files below. You have decided to delete these files. You can download them to bios.net.cn as needed. BiOS modification: Amitool 1.47 (2010.01.20), an AMI self-service modification Tool) Ami self-help modification tool amitool 1.47 (2010.01.20) ed2k download Instruction: http://bbs.bios.net.cn/thread-44537-1-1.html Award self-service modification tool awardtool 1.33 (2010.01.24) Award self-help modification tool

Dell started to use Ubuntu to defend against Windows 8?

Microsoft launched its own Windows 8 x86 tablet SurfacePro, which will sooner or later steal the business of other PC manufacturers. Many hardware manufacturers have begun to plot countermeasures. Dell's countermeasure is to embrace Linux. Dell has just launched Ubuntu XPS13, pre-loaded Ubuntu12.04PrecisePangolin, for $1,449, $50 cheaper than Windows. XPS is mainly intended for the consumer market, but recently DellUSA once again announced Microsoft

EntityFramework, Dapper vs grassroots framework Performance

. Click here for more information ... Test contentThis time only for each ORM query efficiency to do the evaluation. The performance loss of ORM is mainly in the process of DataReader to entity and generating SQL statements, so the content of this test examines the following two aspects:1. Mapping capabilities.2. Query capabilities (because the performance of the SQL generation phase cannot be tested, this test includes SQL generation and mapping capabilities), which is a complete query.Tes

Asus Zenbook UX410 How about the super pole?

/512GB SSD solid-state drives, and provides 1 USB type-c, 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 and one HDMI interface, and supports 802.11AC Wi-Fi connection. In terms of appearance, this Zenbook UX410 uses a fully aluminum metal fuselage, and has built-in sonicmaster technology to bring better quality output. It also offers two colors of grey and rose gold, and supports the backlight function of the keyboard. Overall, this Zenbook UX410 's most direct competitor should be the famous Dell

MFC 2D Dynamic Chart [GDI]

Source blog: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/9350/2D-Animated-Charts Source code: http://download.csdn.net/detail/nuptboyzhb/4202051 Introduction: cgraphobject is derived from the cwnd class. Therefore, the cgraphobject class isWindow Type; That is, each chart is a window; therefore, the creation of each chart should be placed in the oncreate function or oninitialupdate function; its application process, and window-type controls (such as cbutton)

Microsoft Silverlight 4 officially released

Silverlight 4 browser plug-in (SilverlightRuntime ): Http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/2/C/22CABA89-3580-4611-8E0D-56749D2120DF/runtime/Silverlight.exe Silverlight 4Tools: Http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/ B /4/5B46BF8A-9350-49D5-B1E7-7789818FBF41/Silverlight4_Tools.exe New features in Silverlight 4: Http://live.visitmix.com/ Silverlight 4Technical White Paper: Http://channel9.msdn.com/learn/courses/Silverlight4/Overview/Overview/ Silve

DRBD + Heartbeat + NFS File Sharing storage Architecture

:30:17M: res cs st ds p mounted fstype0: r0 Connected Secondary/Secondary Inconsistent/Inconsistent CNow both machines are in the Secondary status. (Marked in red). If it is Unknow, check whether the two servers are configured the same.5. Set the primary Host:[Root @ TM-Master ~] Drbdadm primary r0The setting may fail for the first time. You can use:[Root @ TM-Master ~] # Drbdsetup/dev/drbd0 primary-oThe TM-Master is used as the host, and the data in the TM-Master is synchronized to the TM-Slave

RIM uses NFC technology to launch the BlackBerry Tag Service

According to foreign media reports, RIM's joint chief executive Jim Balsillie recently launched the BlackBerry Tag service at the GITEX conference in Dubai. With this service, users can share their contact information, files, and multimedia content by touching their mobile phones. RIM revealed that the BlackBerry Tag service will be integrated into BlackBerry 7 software updates based on NFC (Near-Field Communication) wireless technology. The first smartphones that support the BlackBerry Tag serv

How do beginners master making and submitting site maps?

robort.txt files in the root directory of the Web site.sitemap.html format of the site map is mainly used to facilitate the user's browsing, and can not play the role of Xmlsitemap. So it's best to have both.4) Login Baidu Webmaster Platform, click "Link Submit", fill in sitemap.xml corresponding URL address,:650) this.width=650; "src=" https://pic.kuaizhan.com/g3/a9/34/a622-ebf1-4bd1-ac72-fa5a34a1492779 "style=" Background-color:rgb (255,255,255); "alt=" a622-ebf1-4bd1-ac72-fa5a34a1492779 "/>A

Android Eclipse cannot run application problems

>ADB Nodaemon Server cannot bind ' tcp:5037 ' D:\SDK\android-sdk\ Platform-tools>netstat-ano | Findstr "5037" tcp listening 4564 tcp established 4564 TCP time_wait 0 TCP time_wait 0 tcp

Dreamweaver cs4 Simplified Chinese version download

Dreamweaver CS4 Simplified Chinese airia Chinese versionDownload Address http://www.airia.cn/dwcs4/ In addition Fireworks cs4 airia Chinese version download address http://www.airia.cn/fwcs4/ The completion of the new Han is not accurate place a lot of magnanimous. Dreamweaver cs4, Fireworks cs4 crack method Serial Number: 1325-1512-9350-7948-8837-8750 ------------------------------ The serial number is pirated serial number, before installa

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