xsl template parameter

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XSLT knowledge Summary

2 XSLT Element 1. xsl: If: A simple condition judgment element. 1. declaration method: Test = boolean-Expression> Partial attribute description: 2. Test A logical expression. if it is true, the operation expressed by the content of xsl: if

Parse XSL using PHP

When using PHP to parse XSL in php applications, the template technology is required for data and code separation. Pear, phplib and many companies have provided related templates. However, they share a common drawback: there is no uniform

Introduction to XSL syntax (i)

Grammar Introduction to XSL SyntaxThe first thing to notice is that the XSL file itself is an XML file, so at the beginning of the XSL file there is the same declaration as the XML file. The standard organization for this XML has defined many tags

Introduction to XSL Syntax

Grammar The example is already on the top, and we can look at the grammatical results and the key points here:The first thing to notice is that the XSL file itself is an XML file, so at the beginning of the XSL file there is the same declaration as

[Reprint] structure of XML and XSL-like PowerPoint

[Reprint] structure of XML and XSL-like PowerPoint Reprinted from: Http://www.csdn.net/develop/Read_Article.asp? Id = 23149 Http://www.csdn.net/develop/Read_Article.asp? Id = 23150 Source code download:

Xsl: variable and xsl: param

Let's take a look at an example: today Last update: For an xml template, the name attribute is critical. The name of the call-template/apply-template must be the same as the name of the template.Correspondingly. The template is equivalent to

XML formatted by XSL (XML to custom node collapsed display)

IntroductionSometimes we want to see the system generated XML files (such as the XML format of the project file), if the file structure is simple, our browser seems to be more convenient, but as the XML Schema complex becomes a headache, write a

Create docbook documents

1. knowledge required to create a docbook document: 1) XML-this is the most basic. If you don't understand this, you 'd better first look for an entry-level book;2) DTD-helps you understand the structure of docbook;3) XSL-help you customize your own

SharePoint: Extended DVWP-Part 2: Add a backup editing template for DVWP

Document directory Audit of delete operations A backup editing template is required. Delete Analysis and editing template Analysis and editing template Composition Step 1: Create a New ParameterBinding variable Step 2: Modify the form

Add variables to XSL using JS

The operation is to add a variable to XSL using Js.Then use this variable parameter in the XSL file.---------------------------------------------Eg:1. In JS:Xmldoc = new activexobject ('msxml2. domdocument.3.0 ')Xmldoc. async = false;Xmldoc. Load (".

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