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Unit test tool in. Net Development (2) -- xunit. net

In the previous article. (1) -- nunit describes how to use nunit in. NET development. net Development in the unit test and some shortcomings of nunit, today will show how to use xunit.. net.Xunit. Net Introduction The creators of xunit.net are Jim Newkirk and Brad Wilson, who have summed up a new framework from their experiences including nunit and other unit test

Basic use of xUnit asp.net unit test tools

XUnit is a new unit test tool developed by the Nnit development team. There are two parts: one is to directly reference the dll package to the project in the form of source code or dll package. The source code is hosted on Microsoft's open-source project website www. codeplex. cm. The URL is http://xunit.codeplex.com/. the usage instructions can be used. XUnit

Read notes on xunit test mode-test code Reconstruction

Because the product testing project is extremely difficult to use, it is slow, big, messy ,...... The key is that no version manager is willing to spend manpower on testing code. When I saw this book, I thought I could find the truth and go to the company library to study it. Quick browsing is far from ideal. Although the cover shows that the book has won the U.S. Productivity Award, it is not a grade compared with agile software development principles, models, and practices, we can't judge a bo

Run Xunit unit test with MSBuild

After Visual Studio 2015 was used, it was found unable to run XUnit unit test, xunit.net Runner does not support Vs2015,testdriven.net and does not support VS2015.Wait for them to support VS2015, do not know to wait until monkey still wait until Ma Yue. So today I decided to wait and try to run the unit test with MSBuild to solve the problem.NuGet on a search, fo

Xunit test patterns Study Notes 3-philosophy of test automation

This chapter focuses on the principles of automated testing. The previous chapter introduces many testing ideas, and the things of ideas are a bit imaginary. This chapter tells you what to do when you encounter specific problems. The author consulted many developers and testers, and also communicated with Martin Fowler on some principles of automated testing. Some of them are obvious, while others are uncertain. Therefore, this chapter mainly discusses the following issues:

Xunit test patterns Study Notes 2-goal of test automation

ArticleDirectory Goals of Automated Testing Some people may think unit testing is dispensable, because they feel that they need to put too much effort and customers do not need it. This involves the issue of ROI. In fact, the investment used for testing often gains more returns. It reduces the number of bugs and debugging.CodeThe time when the bug was found. See the time chart for testing and development efforts with an effective investment in automated testing: In the earl

Unit test for. NET core programs using Xunit (4)

Part 1th: http://www.cnblogs.com/cgzl/p/8283610.htmlPart 2nd: http://www.cnblogs.com/cgzl/p/8287588.htmlPart 3rd: http://www.cnblogs.com/cgzl/p/8438019.htmlPlease use the code for this project: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1i7d8z2HData-driven testingOpen PlayerCharacterShould.csAdd a few fact test methods:[Fact] Public voidTakezerodamage () {_sut. Takedamage (0); Assert.equal ( -, _sut. Health); } [Fact] Public voidTakesmalldamage () {_sut. Takedama

XUnit. Net Usage memorandum (1): installation and use test, xunit.net Memorandum

XUnit. Net Usage memorandum (1): installation and use test, xunit.net Memorandum Directory Preparations Environment Installation Use test Other Instructions I. Preparations Tools are indispensable. The tool is ready:1.Visual Studio20152.ReSharper9.1.1 +3.NestInII. Environment Installation Create a class library project for testing: Use NuGet Package

Xunit test patterns Study Notes 1-test smell

This book has been found for a long time and has never been read. There are few good books about software testing.CodeThe reconstruction and model of books is even more difficult. Although I have read the previous chapters, I feel that this book is indeed comprehensive and provides professional terms for many tests, I believe that after reading and absorbing this book, I will have more experiences and gains. The first chapter is the overview of the book, Jump directly to the second chapter to

Xunit test patterns Study Notes 4-Principles of test automation

There are some basic principles in the automated testing process, just like manifesto ). Because most of the Principles are mentioned above, some do not explain much. Principles:Write the tests first Principles:Design for testability Principles:Use the front door first It means that the test starts from the publish method exposed on the outermost layer. Principles:Communicate intent This means that the

On the xunit of MVC unit test

For. NET Project Web API for business logic background development [especially as a Web API interface], writing unit test cases can greatly reduce the way code helps and runs. However, using the test framework, relative to the self-contained, I am more recommended to use xunit.net this framework, the reason for the choice is that xunit.net is developed by NUnit developers, extensibility is very good.Don't s

XUnit Entry 1: xUnit entry

XUnit Entry 1: xUnit entry After reading the introduction Demo of nhib.pdf, I feel that testing-driven development will be more efficient. Of course, do you think you need additional programming unit testing code? How can development be more efficient? In one sentence, the server won't cut the firewood by mistake. Now let's get started ~.~ The author uses vs2013 + Resharper 8.2.1. It is convenient to use R

XUnit is used in ASP. NET Core for unit testing. corexunit

XUnit is used in ASP. NET Core for unit testing. corexunit The unit test function was introduced as an important selling point when the first version of MVC was born. When comparing MVC with webform, unit testing is the foundation card, and it is useless to crush webform. The importance of unit testing is needless to say. A unit testing project is just like buying insurance for developers. Of course, the qu

Unit testing with Xunit in ASP.

be regenerated to support. NET Core. For example, Xunit,xunit has provided support versions of. NET core for this article, let's look at how to use Xunit for unit testing in ASP.Prepare the Project code:1. Create a blank ASP. NET Core Web project named Usexunit.2. Then modify the contents of the Project.json as follows, adding a dependency on the MVC component o

In XUnit, how does one use Moq to simulate DbSet under EntityFramework Core,

In XUnit, how does one use Moq to simulate DbSet under EntityFramework Core, I recently encountered some problems in the unit test of a project. After solving these problems, I felt it was necessary to write them down and share them with the people who needed them. Let's briefly explain the background of the project's technical framework: Asp.net core 2.0 (for. net core) Framework Using Entity Framework

Easily master vs code develop. Net Core and create Xunit unit tests

Create a new Class library project, in the current integration terminal, enter dotnet new Classlib-o demo.main,-o to specify the path to the output, as shown, creates a Demo.main folder and a. csproj file Next we create a Service.cs class file and include a simple method for easy testing, as shown in:CD demo.main switch to the Demo.main project path, execute the dotnet build Separate build new Demo.main class library,The resulting path is in "demo.main\bin\debug\netstandard2.0" because the

7 Comparison of black box test, white box test, integration test, Unit test, System test, acceptance test

black box Testthe functional design specifications of the known products can be tested to prove that each whether the implemented functionality meets the requirements .White Box TestThe internal working process of a known product can be tested to verify that each internal operation complies with the design specifications and that all internal components are inspected.The black box test of the software means that the

Test testing Test testing test test testing Test testing test

Test test testing Test test test test test test test test

ASP. NET series: unit test and asp.net unit test

starting point may be to facilitate the completion of unit testing, the results are usually more of a type of responsibility, the coupling between types is significantly reduced. This is a known Effective Way to Improve the coding quality and an effective way to improve the coding level of developers. (3) unit test help debugging The unit test code can be applied to quickly locate the source of the problem

Difference and connection between black box test, white box test, Unit test, integration test, System test, acceptance test

Black box test: The functional design specifications of a known product can be tested to verify that each implemented function meets the requirements.White Box testing: The internal working process of a known product can be tested to prove that each internal operation complies with the design specifications and that all internal components are inspected.The black box test of the software means that the

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