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Installing Mysql-5.7.xx-winx64.zip

1 Download the MySQL Zip package to extract to a directory that needs to be installed, such as D:\Local\mysql2 Create directory data under D:\Local\mysql3 copy My-default.ini to My.ini, modify My.ini configurationBasedir = D:\Local\mysqlDataDir = D:\

CentOS6.8 installation of python2.7 and xx-net

Xx-net is easy to use on Ubuntu, and if there are some reasons to use CentOS, the trouble is bigger.First need to upgrade Python version, CentOS comes with the 2.6 version is not used, must upgrade to more than 2.7, but not with Python3,yum may not

Zip Encryption File cracking

Introduction: You may have encountered this situation. After downloading a zip file from the network, you finally find that it is password-protected. Or you can use your own password to encrypt a very important ZIP file. However, after a while, you

Add a php zip module under Linux

The person who developed this morning came to me and said that the XX project on the test machine reported a mistake:include (ziparchive.php): Failed to open stream:no such file or directory. said that there is no zip this module, so in the Internet

Apache Ant for a zip decompression operation sample sharing _java

Need to import Ant.jar package, Apache website (http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi) can download. Copy Code code as follows: Import Java.io.BufferedInputStream; Import Java.io.BufferedOutputStream; Import Java.io.File; Import Java.

Add a php zip module under Linux

The person who developed this morning came to me and said that the XX project on the test machine reported a mistake:Include (ziparchive.php): Failed to open stream:no such file or directory.said that there is no zip this module, so in the Internet

MyEclipse xx Install jad anti-compile plugin

1. Download the anti-compilation tool jad,:http://varaneckas.com/jad/Unzip the downloaded Jadstar158.zip and put the Jad.exe file in the JDK installation directorysuch as: C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.6.0_20\bin2. Download the Eclipse anti-compile

[Turn]unzip decompression Windows zip garbled processing

[Turn]unzip decompression Windows zip garbled processingHttp://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6c9d65a101012gz0.htmlFriends from Windows sent over the zip file, I unpacked after the garbled, very depressed.Prior to a method, use the command line to change

The national administrative divisions data broadcast--including ZIP code-Telephone code-Simple consolidation-zoning path

Because some situations need to use the National Administrative Division database, itself does not have the library on the Internet to find, but found is basically not what I want, because it contains only the basic information,Finally himself under

Detailed description of JVM startup parameters (for conversion)

Non-standard parameters A non-standard parameter is also called an extension parameter. Its list is as follows: -XintWhen JVM is set to run in interpreted mode, all bytecode will be executed directly without compiling the local code. -XbatchDisable

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