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[Familiar with linux] compressed and packaged, familiar with linux

[Familiar with linux] compressed and packaged, familiar with linux We often use compression and decompression when using Windows. to compress a file, right-click and choose add to compressed file ], decompress the package, right-click it, and select

Introduction to docker practical commands

Introduction to docker practical commands  1. Start, close, and stop docker ╭─wil-xz in ~ 12:15:44 ╰─?(?﹏?、)? service

Install sogou PinYin Input Method on Fedora 20

Install sogou PinYin Input Method on Fedora 20 The default ora input method is ibus, but it is still not easy to use. So I found the sogou installation package developed by UbuntuKylin and sogou for installation. 1. Uninstall ibus Sudo yum remove

View the usage and Analysis of default constructor in c ++ from the compilation

Source program in c ++: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: class X { Private: Int I; }; Int main (){X x;} The preceding class X does not define the constructor and only has an int I. The assembler is as follows: Copy codeCode:; 7: int main (){ Push

Using analysis of default constructor in C + + _c language from compilation

source programs in C + +: Copy Code code as follows: Class X { Private int i; }; int main () {x x;} The class X above does not have a constructor defined, just an int i. The following is an assembler: Copy Code

Linux Learning Notes (20) file compression zip compression, tar package, package, unpack

One, zip compressionInstall Zip and unzip firstYum Install-y Zip/unzipzip 1.txt.zip 1.txtCompressed file 1.txt, compressed filename is called 1.txt.zip zip -r 123.zip 123/Compressed folder 123/specified name 123.zip unzip 1.txt.zipThe zip file

Group by, having, with rollup, with cube combination query Summary

1. Understanding of groupGroup by is a clause of the SELECT statement. It is used to specify query grouping conditions and group query results. Only one row of records is displayed in the result set for grouping conditions of the same combination.

Linux file archiving, compression and upload, download

1. File archivingDefined: File archiving, which is to turn multiple files into an archive file 2.Tar C # #创建 -j XZ Format Compression F Specify the archive file name T Display the

How to use triggers in Oracle

Previous work to do data synchronization used in the trigger, made the following notes, summarized as follows: Data center----------------------------------College Create or replace trigger TGER_XX_YXSDWJBSJZ L_ist before insert on ZFDXC.

Linux Learning Notes (20)

One,Zip compression tool (support compressed directory, compressed files and directories, the original files and directories are not deleted)Yum Install zip-y installation zipZip + Compressed file name + original file name compressed files-R +

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