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Bzoj 2877 NOI2012 Magic Checkerboard Two-dimensional line segment tree

Tags: bzoj bzoj2877 Two-dimensional segment tree segment tree Tree set treeTopic: Given a matrix, two operations are supported:1. Increment each value in a sub-matrix by one number2. GCD of all numbers in a sub-matrix is known all ask constant over

hdu4533 Willie Cat Series story--Bask in quilt

Tags: line treeProblem Description because of the marathon in the chicken leg of the topic let many people regret and return, Willie Cat always feel unworthy to everyone, these days he quietly moved to the Cartesian coordinate system to live.Life

"Bzoj 1018" [SHOI2008] clogged traffic traffic

Tags: bzoj oi line tree 1018: [SHOI2008] blocked traffic traffic time limit: 3 Sec Memory Limit: 162 MB Submit: 1811 Solved: 580 [Submit] [Status] DescriptionOne day, because of some kind of cross-over phenomenon,

Two-dimensional graph with weighted matching (thinking of pushing box problem)

Label:Reprint please attach the original link: http://blog.csdn.net/u013351484/article/details/51598270Binary graph with weighted matching (also called binary graph Optimal (best) matching,kuhn-munkres algorithm )Preliminary knowledge: Binary graph


Label:The first to make a T2 traveler, see BZ above the number of people more.I didn't think too much at the time of the exam. Flashed over the pieces of thought, then did not then.Big vision above has the puzzle, unexpectedly is a junior high

BZOJ1018: [SHOI2008] clogged traffic traffic

Label:Segment tree maintains connectivity. Below the topic there is analysis. The number of lines in the puzzle is equal to the number of rows in the title-1. analysed altogether (R1,C1)--(R2,C2) a total of four ways. Suppose R1=1,r2=0. 1. Go

The flaw of Go escape analysis

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. # # # First read this four-part series of articles that will help you understand escape analysis and data semantics. The following is a detailed description of the

"Bzoj" 1018: [SHOI2008] clogged traffic traffic

Label:http://www.lydsy.com/JudgeOnline/problem.php?id=1018Test instructions: There are 2 lines, each line has a C (c<=100000) city, then there are c-1 lattice, there is now a Q (q<=100000) operation, operation Open and Close is the four

The MIDP1.0 of the triangle in the

Due to the adaptation needs of development, J2ME programmers can not use MIDP2.0 for development in many cases. But MIDP1.0 's function is much different from 2.0, and many useful functions are not provided. This requires the programmer to implement

JavaScript characters walk Realistically, have completed _javascript skills

First appreciate, take two steps to try. <HTML><HEAD> <meta http-equiv= ' content-type ' content= ' text/html;charset=gb2312 ' > <meta name= ' GEMERATPR ' content= ' Network programmer Companion (lshdic) > <TITLE> go

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