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YAF 0 Basic Learning Summary 4-yaf configuration file

Label: In the previous section of the Hello Yaf we have been exposed to the YAF configuration file, Yaf and the user shared a configuration space, that is, in the Yaf_application initialization time given in the configuration file

YAF 0 Basic Learning Summary 7-Learn to use plugins in YAF

Label:YAF supports user-defined plug-ins to extend the functionality of YAF, which are classes. They must all inherit from Yaf_plugin_abstract. Plug-ins to function, also must be realistic in the YAF register, and then in the appropriate actual, YAF

Yaf. Use_namespace=1, how does the controller use the namespace

Ask a question: Yaf. Use_namespace=1, how does the controller use namespace? For example: content of index.php use Yaf\Controller_Abstract;use Yaf\Dispatcher;class IndexController extends Controller_Abstract{ public function indexAction() {

[Linux] CentOS 6.9 under Yaf send IPV4 and IPV6 ipfix

Tags: inux line amp tool output stream US internet periodic stdFirst, Ipfix and NetFlowFirst, IPFIXThe full name IP flow information export, namely the IP stream information output, is the international standard of network traffic monitoring. Ipfix

Yaf frame automatically add URL suffix name example

Like CodeIgniter, YAF also sets several hook functions that can take over or change the direction of the program where appropriate. 1 Routerstartup Triggers before routing This is the first of 7 events. But some of the global

Yaf learn to start from the beginning

Label:One. The portal file is the entry for all requests, usually with the aid of the rewrite (regular) rule, which redirects all requests (Redirection (Redirect) is the way in which various network requests are redirected to another location

PHP implementation of AES encryption class definition and usage example PHP tips

This article mainly introduced the implementation of PHP AES encryption class definition and usage, combined with a complete instance of the AES encryption class based on the implementation and use of the method, the need for friends can refer to

LNMP One-click Deployment scripts (including module installation, php7,openresty+ cache, etc.)

Tags: gunzip UTF8 bin php.ini serve json gen range MemcachLNMP One-click Deployment scriptPersonal gitpage:https://owelinux.github.io/#!/bin/bash# #DATE: 2016-7-25# #USER: owelinux## #install wallet###### #install mysql###############################

Admin management system Development growth process

Tags: sha way architecture about ORM date simple distinguish key所有系统的开发都受限于当时的技术积累、人力资源、设计方案,没有完美的系统,我们只是在自己的技术能力内做到100分。 -- fuyuanThere is no perfect system, only the right system. I am not a big God, this article combined with my previous in a

How classes are loaded automatically in PHP

This article mainly introduces the method of automatic loading in PHP, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Recently in the study of composer, found that from the touch of PHP to now have

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