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PHP extension YAF by configuration

Tags:. net extension Hub manual col simple Lin Restart configureYAF, full name yet another framework, is a C language written PHP framework, is a PHP extension in the form of a PHP development framework, compared to the general PHP framework, it is

PHP installation YAF extensions and YAF framework

Tags: NET security end website ALT Framework official operation informationOne, install the YAF extension (Windows installation)1. Check your computer's installed development environment (PHPINFO () for information), look for "Zend Extension Build"

How to install YAF extensions on Ubuntu PHP instance

The following small series for you to share a piece of Ubuntu installed Yaf extension method, with a good reference value, I hope to be helpful to everyone. Let's take a look at it with a little knitting. First, download YAF Extension Download

Ubuntu14.04lts Install NGINX+MARIADB+PHP7+YAF-server Other

This article describes the method of installing Nginx+mariadb+php7+yaf ubuntu14.04lts. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Ubuntu Apt-get Way to install Nginx Reference: Http://nginx.org/en/linux_packages.html First of all

LNMP One-click Deployment scripts (including module installation, php7,openresty+ cache, etc.)

Tags: gunzip UTF8 bin php.ini serve json gen range MemcachLNMP One-click Deployment scriptPersonal gitpage:https://owelinux.github.io/#!/bin/bash# #DATE: 2016-7-25# #USER: owelinux## #install wallet###### #install mysql###############################

Open Source-PHP's MVC framework which one is the most cost-effective? Yii2 or thinkphp?

一直接触和使用的是thinkphp和codeigniter,没有用过其他的PHP MVC框架。现在正在重构一个功能比较多的网站,但是工作时间太忙,回家时间很零散,所以需要快速完成上线。在公司用thinkphp ci,回家里也用thinkphp来做,感觉头都快炸了,真担心全都混淆了。所以想换一种。以前用过yii 1.x 体验不是很好,不支持命名空间,安装方法古怪。 To discuss which PHP MVC framework is more promising (not disband

What PHP framework to choose

ASP. NET has done a lot of projects, recently do mobile app development, need to run some background operation of SAE management, and do not want to set up their own server, I hope to deploy on the SAE, as long as support app user registration

Minimalist (minimalist) WEB Framework Summary

Label:Minimalist (minimalist) WEB Framework SummaryLists a series of minimalist frameworks (simple, lightweight), grouped by programming language, sorted alphabetically.List CSS Framework C-Written WEB framework Database framework

PHP implementation of AES encryption class definition and usage example PHP tips

This article mainly introduced the implementation of PHP AES encryption class definition and usage, combined with a complete instance of the AES encryption class based on the implementation and use of the method, the need for friends can refer to

Source Installation Zabbix 2.4.5

Tags: mysql user1. Install dependent packagesYum-y Install httpd php php-fpm php-cli php-common php-gd php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-mysql php-pdo php-devel Php-imagick Php-xmlrpc php-xml php-bcmath php-dbaphp-enchant php-yaf mysql mysql-server

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