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How third-party logins work

Tags: ons sed sha1 attack sub web App Pictures Facebook 1.0Absrtact: The OAuth protocol provides a secure, open, and easy standard for the authorization of user resources. Unlike previous licensing methods, OAuth's authorization does not allow a


Label:OAuth (Open Licensing) is an open standard that allows a third-party app to access private resources (such as photos, videos, contact lists) that the user stores on a site without having to provide a user name and password to third-party

Getting Started with Facebook APIs

Label:Facebook Business Value ProfileFacebook is a social networking service website, launched on February 4, 2004, and Facebook is overtaking Yahoo as the world's third-largest website by February 2, 2010, with Microsoft's top three. The number of

Tornado WEB Framework

Tags: need success line __INIT__ input Package define login information methodFirst, IntroductionTornado is an open-source version of the extensible, non-blocking Web server and its associated tools used by FriendFeed. The web framework looks

Related to the program ape

Label:Javascript JQuery fundamentals-jquery Novice Tutorial. JavaScript Library code Deconstruction-truthfully the JavaScript pop-up framework source In-depth understanding of JavaScript series The difference between defer and async in <

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