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Yahoo open-source MySQL Performance Analysis Tool (MySQL Performance Analyzer ),

Yahoo open-source MySQL Performance Analysis Tool (MySQL Performance Analyzer ), Address: Performance Analyzer is an open source project for MySQL performance monitoring and analysis. This repository implements des two sub projects: Java web application project myperf Java web server jetty wrapper MySQL Performanc

Security basic Education The 1th episode of the second quarter: the repeated defeat of the recovery password

Zheng created in 2015/5/19 last updated on 2015/8/7 keywords:Web security, system security, web development, password recovery, password resetThis document applies to people: a broad-based technical staff outline: the fortress was breached from within. The fearless of employees ' ignorance Operational Configuration Exposure details no

MySQL database InnoDB data recovery tool usage summary _ MySQL

Summary of use of MySQL database InnoDB data recovery tool This article introduces an open-source MySQL database InnoDB data recovery tool: innodb-tools, it extracts table row records from raw data files to restore data from lost or destroyed MySQL tables. For example, if you accidentally execute drop table,

Advanced Office Password Recovery How to set up shortcuts

After the software installation is successful, a shortcut is created on the desktop to make it easy to use, but some users find that the Office password cracking tool for advanced Office Password Recovery does not appear on the desktop after the installation succeeds. This is not easy to use with advanced Office

Statement under Percona Data Recovery tool for InnoDB tools problem! (with description of problems encountered)

split_dump.plconstraints_parser Docs ibdconnect.c innochecksum Lib Page_parser pages-1494339674 tables_dict.c[[email protected] percona-data-recovery-tool-for-innodb-0.5]# ls pages-1494339302/ Fil_page_index /0-2475 0-2476 0-2477in the Fil_page_index The primary key and index are generated under the directory, with the lowest data being the primary key, followed by the index of each column, as 0-2475 is th

MySQL Online backup and recovery Tool-xtrabackup

Label:1 Introduction to the principle of xtrabackup Xtrabackup is a innodb to do data backup tools, Support Online hot backup (backup without affecting the data read and write), is a commercial backup tool InnoDB hotbackup a good alternative.Xtrabackup has two main tools: Xtrabackup, Innobackupex(1) Xtrabackup can only back up InnoDB and xtradb two data tables, but not myisam data tables (2) Innobackupex is a reference to the InnoDB hotbackup innoback

Several strokes to implement XP system password recovery

More and more users are now storing important files and privacy information on their computers, which leads users to have to set up passwords on their computers. But many users often forget the system's password. Through the system password can be easily resolved, today we will learn about the XP system password recovery

The experience of ADSL broadband Routing password recovery

With the rapid development of broadband technology, home network access to broadband has been very common, most readers are ADSL or other ways to connect their home network to the Internet. But in the actual use of many readers have encountered the problem of forgetting the password, if it happens that these passwords are stored in the router configuration, how can we restore him? Today I would like to invite you to follow the author of all the way th

Mysql Database InnoDB Data Recovery Tool Usage Summary detailed _mysql

Based on practical experience, this paper introduces an open source MySQL database innodb data recovery tool: Innodb-tools, which recovers data from lost or corrupted MySQL tables by extracting Row records from the original data file. For example, after you accidentally execute a drop table, TRUNCATE table, or drop database, you can recover the data in the following ways. The following most of the reference

Leverage the Xtrabackup tool for backup and recovery (MySQL DBA's prerequisite tools) _mysql

the backup, if necessary binlog) Xtrabackup_checkpoints-stores the starting and ending positions of the backup. Recovery: First, deactivate the database, and then delete all the database files in the database directory. Cd/data/mysql_data RM-RF * # Delete all files in the data directory innobackupex-1.5.1--user=root--apply-log/data/back_data/2010-10-26_16-09-37 # Application Log innobackupex-1.5.1--user=root--copy-back/dat

Advanced Office Password Recovery Open File

Today's small series to teach you several Office password cracking tool--aopr File open method.  AOPR three ways to open a file inMethod One, through the menu bar command. Click File, open file, select the desired file, and click Open.Method Two, through the toolbar command. Click on the "Open file" command in the toolbar, select the desired file and open it.  Method Three, through the "Recently opened file

The five odd strokes of Windows XP recovery system Administrator password

In the process of using the Windows XP operating system, we may have lost the admin password for some reason, but how to recover? Below we introduce five cool strokes can be effective recovery password: Trick 1: You know, Windows xp password is stored in the system's win Nt\system 32\config under the Sam file, Sam fil

mysql-5.7.21 Binary Installation | Jemalloc Memory Optimization | Backup Recovery | Change Password

/lib echo "========================================================================= "echo" A tool to Auto-compile install MySQL 5.7.21 on Redhat/centos Linux "echo" ================= ======================================================== "cur_dir=$ (pwd) #set mysql root password echo" ============= ============== "mysqlrootpwd=" 123456 "ECHO-E" Please input the root

Recover database administrator password, user authorization, data backup and recovery

bbsdb.* from ' WebAdmin ' @ ' '; Mysql> Show grants for ' WebAdmin ' @ ' '; Mysql>update Mysql.db Set insert_priv= "n", update_priv= "n" where db= "Bbsdb";mysql> flush Privileges; Mysql> Show grants for ' WebAdmin ' @ ' '; Mysql> revoke all on bbsdb.* from ' WebAdmin ' @ ' '; Remove an authorized userMethod One: Mysql>delete from Mysql.user where User= "WebAdmin" and host= "";mysql> flush Privileges; Method TwoMysql> Drop user user

Linux System password Recovery practice

Number 23rd received a customer call, the Linux server can not log on, because the server is placed in China Unicom's hosting room, so can not be processed to the scene. After the network detection, the server could not ping, the server network segment gateway can ping. Beginning to think that the server managed room network problems, causing the server can not access, and later use scanning tool to discover that the server IP location Port 21,389,100

MySQL Backup recovery Tool xtrabackup

Tags: mysql percona xtrabackup1. IntroductionXtrabackup is an open-source, free MySQL database backup tool provided by Percona, which is able to perform hot backups of InnoDB and XTRADB databases, which, according to official introduction, has the following features:1. The backup process is fast and reliable;2. The backup process does not interrupt the executing transaction;3. Can save disk space and traffic based on functions such as compression;4. A

Redis data recovery method, Redis-port tool synchronizes a self-built Redis Rdb file to a cloud database

" ][--targetdb=db] [--] [--bigkeysize=size [-- Logfile=redisport. Parameter description x/dump.rdb : Dump file path for self-built Redis dst_host: redis domain name for cloud database dst_port : Redis Port for Cloud databases dst_password: redis password for cloud database STR1|STR2|STR3: Filter for keys with str1 or str2 or STR3 DB: DB that will synchronize the cloud database Redis Rewrite: Overwrite t

MySQL Multi-threaded backup recovery Tool Mydumper,myloder

ignores tables for the specified engine-M,--no-schemas no table structure-K,--no-locks does not add temporary share read lock, which may cause inconsistent data--less-locking InnoDB table, minimum time lock-L,--long-query-guard set the maximum query time, default is 60s-K,--kill-long-queries to kill the long query-D,--daemon open daemon mode-I,--snapshot-interval snapshot time, default is 60s-L,--logfile log file, default is standard output--TZ-UTC sets the time zone, which is used only when th

Use of the Xtrabackup tool for backup and recovery of MySQL database

]; Then backup_times=$ (ls-l $backup _dir_parent | grep-i ' ^d.*backup.* ' | wc-l) if [$backup _times-ge $backup _ Max_times];then rm-rf ${backup_dir_parent}/$ (ls-lt $backup _dir_parent |tail-l) fi backup_dir=${backup _dir_parent}/backup-$ (date "+%y-%m-%d") Full_backuP_dir=${backup_dir}/full Innobackupex--defaults-file=${defaults_file}--host=${mysql_host}--user=${mysql_user}-- Password=${mysql_password} ${full_backup_dir} > $backup _log else backup_

Use the Mysqlbinlog tool for location-based or point-in-time data recovery

| Mysql-uusername-p--force-read,-FWhen this parameter is used, the Mysqlbinlog tool prints out warning when it reads an unrecognized log event, ignores the event and resumes execution, Mysqlbinlog stops without this parameter.Mysqlbinlog vms00781-bin.000001-d testdb-f | Mysql-uusername-p--no-defaultsPrevents the Mysqlbinlog tool from reading parameters from any profile, except for. MYLOGIN.CNF (for safe

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