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Interpreter and compiler, compiler principle and explanatory principle

Label:Interpreter: Interpreter (English: Interpreter), also translated as a computer program, can be a high-level programming language line direct translation run. The interpreter does not translate the entire program at once, just like an "

iOS Development interpreter and compiler

Tags: style blog http io color ar os java SPRookie often confuse compiler and interpreter, helpless, so to master consult.Master said: " The interpreter is a one-piece explanation of the execution source language. For example,

This is the most wonderful answer I've ever seen.

Label:Perhaps I have not seen the world, but it is I have seen the right "how to become a good programmer, rather than a good code farm?" "Most wonderful answer" copy and paste All "In fact, my heart has been because of the work of the current "food

How to become a good programmer, not a good code farmer?

Label:What is a good programmer?Reporter and many netizens say that the panda is a master of incenseIf you have any bugs in the company, he can tell you why. He can answer you with any software problem, and you think it's a master.Some people say

The furious path of efficient programmers

Tags: programmer codeDo not feel that has been working for six years, recall the first day of internship scene vividly, as if yesterday. Six years has been enough for many people to change management, transfer products, testing, career change, there

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