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Research on YAML Technology

Tags: tcl tag file href empty line lang constant Wiki astYAML Pre-research document YAML OverviewYAML is a recursive abbreviation for "Yaml Ain t a Markup Language" (Yaml is not a set-up language), and the previous yaml means "yet another Markup

The application of Yaml in Python __python

Yaml is an intuitive data serialization format that can be read by a computer, easily readable by humans, and easy to interact with scripting languages. Yaml is similar to XML, but syntax is much simpler than XML and is very simple and efficient for

YAML template file Syntax

Tags: dock array automatic digital DIR environment variable run SSIYAML template file Syntax The default template file is Docker-compose.yml, where each service defined must be automatically built with the image directive

Configmap Analysis of Kubernetes

Tags: new effect uber sed const cat control Secret CPPThe Configmap feature is available in the Kubernetes1.2 version, and many applications read configuration information from configuration files, command-line parameters, or environment variables.

Ros:ubuntukylin17.04-ros using OrbSLAM2

Busy with image processing and dcnn, not using Ros for a long time, reinstalling the system again using ORB-SLAM2 (ROS) for three-dimensional reconstruction and real-time tracking demonstrations. Refer to Previous article: Ros:ubuntu-ros using Orbsla

kubernetes1.10--Binary Cluster deployment

Tags: k8s kubernetes deploymentPrevious blog post have introduced the use of KUBEADM Automation to install kubernetes, but since each component is run as a container, there is not much involved in the specifics of the configuration, in order to

k8s1.9.2 based on Kubeadm high-availability installation tutorials, including offline installation packages, support for simple and quick installation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Installing a secure high-availability kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm Install package address such as non-highly available installation Please ignore this tutorial

IPFs Data Model-IPLD

Ipld.io Github:ipld Original: IPLD Specs There are many system-used merkle-tree and hash-chain inspired data structures (such as GIT,BITTORRENT,IPFS,TAHOE-LAFS,SFSRO). IPLD (Interstellar link data) Definition: merkle-links:

Have you met these pits in Unity? A

Tags: Development version Manager update causes version number is mobile platform SSEFor the sake of the hard work of the program staff to add less classes, to share some of the project development process encountered some of the pitsThe environment

What's the best way to save an array of PHP in a file?

It is commonplace for PHP to save some array of configuration information to a file, as far as I know, there are several ways to save Directly with var_export return array(...); the written PHP code, and then read the time with the require

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