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Getting started with XML operations in KBMMW (cross-platform, and can be directly converted to Json,yaml,bson)

Delphi has been working with XML since long ago, the latest version contains three kinds of XML interpreter, one is MSXML, look at the name to knowThis is Microsoft's own, according to Delphi official said is the speed is the fastest, but can only

Day 2 -- set a data model

Day 2 -- set a data modelSymfony ReviewOn the first day of this long but interesting guide, we learned how to install the symfony framework and set up a new program and development environment, the source code version control is used to store the

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers

BackupBackup software Amanda-Client-server model Backup tool Bacula-Another client-server model Backup tool Backupninja-Lightweight, extensible meta-data backup system BACKUPPC-Client-server model Backup tool and file sharing

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers (GO)

Compiled with PHP resources by other programmers, Kahun initiates a system administrator-related open source resource collation on Github.Content classifications include: Backup/Clone software, Cloud/cloud storage, collaboration software,

System Administrator Resource Daquan

Another article: "10 Best Books for system administrators" is now richer than the list of Kahun they have collated.Bole Online has launched the "system Administrator resource Daquan Chinese version" in the collation of GitHub. Welcome to the

Ubuntu does not have vnc login resolution settings

Ubuntu has no display. The vnc login resolution settings encountered a problem during the test: The VNC was not started successfully, the interface was lost, and the desktop system crashed. Then, execute the following three commands in sequence, and

"Turn" the PHP resources compiled by foreign programmers

Ziadoz a list of PHP resources that are maintained on GitHub, including libraries, frameworks, templates, security, code Analysis, logs, third-party libraries, configuration tools, Web tools, books, ebooks, classic blogs, and more. Bó Lè has

PHP resource Summary

Www.php100.comhtmldujia201501058267.htmlwww.php100.comhtmldujia201501068277.html benefits are coming, PHP fans! Foreign programmer ziadoz collects various PHP resources on Github, including libraries and tools for templates, frameworks, databases,

Summary of PHP resources on GitHub

The benefits are coming, PHP enthusiasts! Ziadoz, a foreign programmer, collects various PHP resources on GitHub, including templates, frameworks, databases, security, and other libraries and tools. In this article, PHP100 summarizes these PHP

Collect and sort out some common PHP class libraries

Collect and sort some common PHP class libraries. collect and sort out some common PHP class libraries, resources, and skills so that you can quickly find what you need at work... The content in this list includes awesome-php translation,

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